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How to Find Your ‘Why’ and Commit Before You Quit

We’ve all felt stuck, needed a change, and maybe even probed for a new source of energy without any avail? If this strikes a chord, it’s time to commit to a new direction.

The challenge is that commitment isn’t something you wake up with; it’s something you choose. It seems that before we commit to something, we tend to justify why …

Three Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Revolutionize Communications in Your Company

If you read popular business blogs, books and magazines, you have discovered some useful ideas for improving communications in your company. But have you also noticed that most of those ideas, good though they are, can only improve communications a few ticks at a time? Have you also noticed that most of the experts whose ideas you encounter tend to …

For a person that has a computer, an Internet connection, and a strong desire to start their own business, what are some prime opportunities to explore in 2017?

We have insanely powerful new technologies with AI and Machine Learning, and huge sums of data being collected that we can leverage to our advantage. In the 1990s, we needed to write millions of lines of code for software to accomplish simple things like booking dental appointments.

What’s a well-known piece of business advice some first-time founders might misinterpret or struggle to implement properly? 

New small business owners are told to do whatever it takes to get the word out about their business. But you need to strategize to market effectively. So many new small business owners blindly spend their money in hopes that their efforts will take their business to the next level.

When you spend money on things like marketing and partnerships, pay special attention to what your efforts earn you back. Test one thing at a time and keep a close eye on your money. ROI is key. This is a good article to read to start marketing with a purpose.