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5 Steps to Maintaining a Successful Company Blog

Deborah Sweeny

Today, when you start a business, you are also starting an online presence for your business. With that presence usually comes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and often, a company blog. Though a blog arguably requires the most work out of the social networks your business partakes in, it also can reap the most rewards.

PR Test: Why American Airlines Has it Wrong and Nestle Shows its Sweet Side for Animals


American Airlines just announced its new policy that they will be charging airline passengers between the ages of 5 to 14 flying alone a $150 surcharge – both ways. This policy starts Sept. 3 and is designed to “ensure the safest possible travel for youths” according to the airline.

Why You Should Be Blogging for Your Small Business

richard larson

Having a well contributed company blog is something that can be an excellent asset to your small business. There are a number of benefits to maintaining a company blog and virtually no drawbacks at all. Blogs can be free or very low in cost and you don’t have to spend a great deal of time blogging. The bonus of a blog is that you get back what you put into it, but there is never any requirement, so if you don’t get to it one day, or one week, that is OK, the previous benefits won’t diminish as long as you do pick it back up and post to the blog consistently.