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5 Ways to Determine Which Physical Environment is Best for Your Meeting

John O. Alizor. Ph.D.

The physical environment of where you conduct your meeting such as the room shape, room temperature, walls, furniture, and seating arrangements may impact the outcome of your meeting because the interactions, between your participants and you, depend on it. Think of a meeting, that you attended, where you feel crowded because the room is too small, you sat with your back turned towards the presenter, participants unable to interact with each other because of barriers created by tables, specifically rolls of wide tables; not enough seats for everyone; you were unable to have a clear view of the presenter and unable to fully hear the presenter because you were sitting in the back or to the side of the room. I am sure that you can add other physical meeting problems to those stated here. These problems can be mitigated with an understanding of the importance of physical environment in holding a successful meeting. You will be able to understand which physical environment is best for your next meeting, after reading this article, because of the solutions that I presented here. Here are the five ways to mitigate the common physical environments that hinder meeting successes:

How to Decide What Metrics are Key to Running Your Company Efficiently

Curt Finch

“Double-entry accounting” is a method that has laid the ground-work for modern businesses today. According to, it’s a method of record-keeping in which “every transaction is recorded in at least two accounts”. Since its inception in the 13th and 14th centuries, double-entry accounting has been implemented into many departments’ business processes, allowing for precise record-keeping and paving the way for the explosive growth of modern business in the succeeding centuries. Ultimately, double-entry accounting proved to be a powerful metric for a business owner to gauge the health and status of his business overall.