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How to Have a Focused Entrepreneurial Mindset

Artemio Flores III

Growing up, how many times did one of your friend’s eyes light up right before they declared, “I have a great idea"? In elementary school, that statement was probably followed by a pitch on why your group of buddies should have a contest to see who could chug their lunch milk the fastest (trying to be the one who kept it down was the real challenge). Now, that one sentence – I have a great idea – is more often followed by an actual good idea and if you’re reading this, chances are one of them came from you.   Making that idea more than just a fleeting moment of inspiration is the hard part. Becoming a business owner takes more than smarts and knowing people. It requires an extremely disciplined and ever-motivated mindset that not everyone knows how to get into. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur though, it’s important that you do. Below are some tips to help you get there.

The Five Hottest PR Trends For 2015

STeve Turner

The new year is here. Looking for a leg up on your competitors? Here are five marketing trends that will help you better connect with your targeted audience, confirm or change perceptions with stakeholders and clients, and convert more prospects into customers.

1. Focus on visual storytelling.
The growth and use of mobile devices is requiring marketers to become more creative and more precise as they communicate with potential customers. This includes formulating messages that are not only interesting but also digestible in the smaller platform.