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Creating an Open Sales Environment

Patrick Malone

Recently I read a posting on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network by Joseph Grenny entitled “4 Ways Leaders can create a Candid Culture”. I have long believed that the most successful sales professionals use leadership skills instead of the typical sales tactics to achieve and maintain their level of success. That led me to consider the 4 action steps in Mr. Grenny’s post in terms of creating an open sales environment and I pass my observations on for your consideration.

How the Set-Up of Your Office Can Impact Employee Efficiency (and What You Can Do About It)

Denny Hammack

How much time is wasted each day around your office? Have you stopped to look around lately? Do your employees gather around the water cooler for a little too long? Do you often see them digging through piles of paperwork trying to locate the document they need? Are they fumbling around with the broken printer, yet again? These may all seem like small moments in time, but when you multiply them by how many employees you are paying, that is a lot of wasted productivity.