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No matter what you call it, do it now

Karen Watts

Whether you need a job pivot, a career reinvention or a change in business strategy, they all mean that something isn't working out the way you want and you need to make a change. Whatever you call it, this new view, attitude or approach to your life and business, just do it already. Over the years I've learned that the online world is a fascinating place. Through social media I've learned that not everyone shares the same definition of SPAM, self-promotion or “salesy” language. Comment boards have shown me that anonymity can bring out the very worst in some people. And, oddly enough, discussion groups also reveal that sometimes even business men and women like to wax philosophical. Some of the most active threads I’ve seen over the years involve hypothetical questions like, “What would you tell your twenty-year-old self?” and “If you could go back, what would you do differently in your career?” Sure, these discussions are fun, but are they really doing any good? Why not go ahead, since time machines are not hitting the stores anytime soon, and make those changes now?

Lessons from an entrepreneur: Start before you are ready

Jenny Vance

I attended an entrepreneurship summit recently, where I was asked to help select and distribute an interesting award. Attendees were asked to write down something inspiring they learned at the summit and the best entry would win.