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Tips for your business at tax time

Mike Davolio

Mike D’Avolio – Senior Tax Analyst with Intuit’s Professional Tax Group.  Mike has worked for Intuit since 1987, and has been a small business tax expert for more than 20 years.  In this role, Mike serves as the primary liaison with the Internal Revenue Service for tax law interpretation matters, manages all technical tax information, and supports Tax Development and other groups (including customers) by providing them with current tax law developments, analysis of tax legislation and in-depth product testing.

Ink from Chase and Jot


Brent Reinhard is the General Manager of Ink from Chase, JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s credit cards targeted specifically at the Small Business population.  Brent is responsible for leading a diverse team of marketing professionals managing the points based rewards products – Ink Classic, Ink Plus, and Ink Bold – as well as the brand and advertising strategy for Ink from Chase.

Continual Audits

Dean Wiech

Information audits are inconvenient, unpleasant and rarely fun. They are a headache because of the fact that when audit season comes around, they take resources away from several departments for extended periods of time while staff managing and leading them also must continue their other daily roles. Unfortunately, there is no getting around an audit, whether internal or external.

What Makes a Winning Message?

Zach Friend

All winning campaigns in the business world have a common element: a powerful message. But what makes a winning message?