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Nourishing the Mind, Body and Soul – Yoga and the Workplace

Over millennia of experimentation, India has produced the most incredible culture of combining the body, mind and soul through the practice of yoga.  Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit “Yug,”—a root shared by the English “yoke”—an infinitive meaning “to unite” or “bring together.”  Yoga is not mere exercise but a psychophysical practice aimed at healing the divisions that the stresses of societal living create within the individual by bringing mind and body into greater harmony.

Healthy employees are productive and positive at the office, at home, and in their communities. By introducing yoga into the corporate environment, employers will be able to reap the benefits of this ancient Indian practice. Yoga is the only form of exercise that tones and flexes muscles, provides an aerobic heart healthy workout and also calms the nervous system through meditative observation of the breath. We have found that our employees who practice yoga fall ill less often, are more focused and take less days off, than those who do not.

Yoga if offered continually, several times a week at no cost to our employees.  The practice of yoga promises not only to be of benefit to the practitioner but to the company as it produces not just a healthier employee, but a more focused and efficient one.   OmniMD’s promotion of this venerable practice is a testament to our company’s visionary perspective and values. I want all my employees to be fit—physically, mentally, and spiritually. I hope to give them the gift of an added ten years or more of healthier, happier lives.

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About Divan Da've

Divan Dave, CEO of OmniMD, a leading certified healthcare IT company specializing in Cloud EHR, Practice Management and Medical Billing solutions.