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Using Social Media Engagement to Promote Your Brand and Business

Social media is an effective tool that allows you to connect with your target audience to better understand their needs. As a business owner, I benefit greatly from the use of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and my blog. Through these channels, I’m able to communicate quickly and efficiently with an interested audience. Knowing how to engage with your audience through social platforms is a constant learning process as new insights and trends are brought to light each day. Staying on top of these trends and actively engaging with your audience are keys to results-driven social media. Not only does social engagement benefit your audience and business, but it also creates what Erik Qualman refers to as a digital stamp or footprint. So, what works best? It will change a bit from brand to brand and person to person, however, here are some tips of digital engagement and making the best of it for your brand:

What does your audience want? Ask and listen.
It is critical to pay attention and respond to comments on your social channels. One way to do this is by setting up monitoring streams and watching what your audience is saying about you, your business, your industry and your competitors. Doing this allows you to gain insight into what your audience is thinking, wanting or feeling, hence leading to engagement. Tweetdeck is a great tool for targeted searches – using both keywords and location.

Ask and answer questions to spark dialogue.
Make sure you ask inquisitive questions that allow for thoughtful answers. Ask what you want answered. Questions vary depending on the kind of industry you’re in, but try and keep them open and upbeat. Keeping your questions positive creates a positive line of communication. Ask your audience questions about what they want or would like to see. Posing these questions allows you to understand exactly what your clients want. Then, it is up to you to execute.
Make sure you always answer questions from the members of your audience. Doing this shows both the individual you’re asking and the rest of your audience that you care. Often times, we’ll also call them our Facebook family – rather than just our customers – to show that we care about what they want to discuss and learn about in any realm.

Be easily approachable so that people will find, follow and converse with you.
Be sure that all of your social channel icons are easily visible on your websites. Doing this makes it easy for a potential client or customer to like or follow your business.

Talk like a real person
People enjoy talking with people with whom they can relate. Don’t come across as robotic when posting on your social channels. Establishing a personal voice on your social sites is critical in creating a rapport and a conversation.

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