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How to use SEO to benefit your service industry company

There’s much more to Search Engine Optimization than top placements on search engine sites. Yes, that is one perk of SEO, but what exactly does that bring about? SEO directly correlates with your company’s ROI, reputation management, brand loyalty and website dialogue. These three elements can get you moving to the top of the search engines and the forefront of your customers’ minds:

Create fresh, original content with the integration of keywords. Write blogs, content and verbiage that are interesting and relevant. No one likes reading stale commentary that doesn’t enhance or develop their knowledge. In order to help your SEO, build keywords into your content, but do it naturally. It shouldn’t sound spammy or repetitive. So, if it does, remove it, and just write good content. However, you still need to get those keywords in there, so brainstorm ways to include them. If one of your key phrases is refrigerator repair in Sioux Falls, think about writing a story or blog about refrigerator repair and include an example of one of your customer stories in Sioux Falls. Voila! Get creative, but be natural.

Use your review pages. The pages on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and the like can act as a tremendous supplement to your SEO. Review pages are an important way to connect with your customers and clients. If you have iPad technology on service calls, encourage your technicians to ask for a review onsite. Not only does it create great word-of-mouth referrals, it also builds your name recognition with a positive review on a high-ranking site. This is a good formula for moving up on the search engine charts.

List your company on key map listings online. Use the same name, address and phone number (NAP). If your listings are all the same, then Google will reward you for your precision and efforts. With that being said, you should change up your company description, images and videos. Use different keywords potential clients might use to search for your companies services. Just be sure to get listed!

Take these steps to get your SEO up and going, and if you’re consistent in keeping on these efforts, your
SEO proverbial stock should start to rise.

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Benjamin Hubbert, President of Champion AC, is a former USAF Combat Controller (12 years, 4 Tours), who has now committed to helping San Antonio reduce our community’s demands on the energy grid. Ben brings an innovative perspective to marketing and customer service. He ensures that Champion AC is a household name, educating the public with…