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Time to Love the Quantitative

Who is not a fan of Robin Williams? We just love him and his new show, The Crazy Ones See episode here. This show actually does a great job at portraying the behind the scenes issues that we face at PR / Marketing / Advertising firms. While we may not have all the fun antics that the show has, the truth is, it’s lesson about bringing quantitative research combined with creativity is key!

3 Quick PR Tips:

1. Love the quantitative: Who are your clients or customers? What are their ages? Where do they live? Knowing the answers to all the ‘Why’s’ will greatly benefit your organization. Even if you feel you already know the answers, take a few minutes to jot down what your customers look like demographically and you may uncover something new. Once you have your profile completed, go online and Google some of your demographics favorite things and behaviors.

2. Be different, but with background: So many times we see clients who want to start something new or create a campaign, but it may not have the background research or the quantitative information to validate the reason. Public relations and marketing is about strategy. Knowing ‘Why’ you are doing things is extremely important. So, get creative, but know your target! (*Use information from tip #1).

3. Evaluate the numbers: Try something new, and then measure the results. See how many new customers you achieved, measure how many more people opened your message or count the numbers of new social media ‘Likes’. Without knowing the result of your efforts, you are aimlessly shooting in the dark.

You must know why you are marketing, what makes you different, and then know the result. Love the quantitative information and you might find it to be a great love relationship!

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Jennifer’s background is in national public relations campaigns where she oversees every aspect of PR strategy utilizing her 10+ years of senior experience. She’s worked for various national public relations clientele through every facet of PR. She has experience with writing a regular column for a newspaper, producing a health television segment, serving as a…