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Why Small Business Owners are the Perfect Grill Masters for Your Summer BBQ

This Memorial Day make sure you have someone with the right skills manning your BBQ. Small business owners have the diverse skills set you need to have the perfect time this holiday weekend.

Inventory management – Some people only want hamburgers, others only hotdogs. Others skips the meats altogether and fill up on the potato salad, chips and other sides. Small business owners are used to stocking enough inventory for busy times to maximize potential sales. And if there are kids at your BBQ, make sure to have plenty of ketchup.

Delegation – No matter how hard they try, no successful small business owner can do everything themselves. You need to delegate for success – while someone is making the potato salad, someone else can pick up the drinks and the grill master can make sure there’s enough charcoal or gas to keep the grill going until everything is cooked. Do this all on your own and you’ve just turned the holiday into another work day.

Satisfying customers – The customer is (almost) always right and nobody knows better than a small business owner how important it is to keep your customers happy. Some people want their burgers cooked fully through, others want cheeseburgers medium, or some people want sausages with grilled onions and peppers. To get this all right you need to match the order to the customer and ask what they want ahead of time so you can deliver, something successful small business owners excel at.

Time management – You want the drinks cold and all the food ready at the same time, from the salad and chips to the hot dogs and other grilled foods. The small business grill master will know how to coordinate with their BBQ partners to make sure everyone is working to the same go-time, based on how long the grilling will take. Small business owners already do this every day to keep their businesses running and their customers happy.

Get the right person in charge and everybody will be happy, satisfied and ready to start the 2014 summer season off on the right foot.

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