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In lead generation, cadence is paramount

When developing a lead generation program, sales managers and business owners often spend a lot of time crafting the perfect message and call script. They will analyze every word and debate nuances with the goal of making the greatest impact on prospects.

The calling cadence is perhaps even more important because of its ability to pinpoint what’s working in a calling …

3 Tips to Get Your Selling Confidence Back on Track

Being in the Business World (at least most of the time) means selling. Marketing a product or service, wooing potential clients, and exceeding personal or company sales goals comprise the everyday life of millions of business folks. The exchange of money for goods and services makes the world go ‘round. Unless, that is, you’re uncomfortable with the whole notion of …

Selling is Synonymous with Success

“I do not have the personality type to be a great salesperson.”   I may be the first one to tell you this, but personally believing in that statement can be a major hindrance to your personal and business progression. Out of every ten salespeople that you meet, two usually have the personality of a great salesperson. The ones that we …

3 things your sales people should be doing that will help you get paid

Anyone who has worked in credit and debt collections for any time knows about the troubled relationship between sales and the credit department. When sales people get paid a commission, they want to make the biggest sale, when they get paid after the customer pays, they pay a little more attention and probably already do these three things!

The first thing …

Take 7 steps to stop procrastination

We have a client to call or a sale to make, yet we don’t do it. We have a deadline coming up and yet we can’t seem to close? What is keeping us back? Why are we reluctant, unable to complete? What do we need to close?

We have tried the things that professionals advise. We have made plans, said the …

Finding the right co-founder, a lesson in teamwork

In my years in business, I’ve found one thing to be consistently true: You’re not good at everything. That’s not always easy to accept. Nor is sharing a business or project with another partner or business. But there comes a time when you must realize that spending two or three times the effort to turn out a product that is …

How Video Can Drive Sales

Video content is engaging, informative and the content of choice of today’s busy business decision makers and influencers.  But Getting the most out of business video marketing should not be a stand alone tactic and should be integrated into your overall marketing and sales process.  Check out this InfoGraphic, titled How Video Can Drive Sales, and see how online video marketing content can …

Sales Tips – What do we do when potential prospects give us excuses?

Ashley, a sales representative for a regional software company, makes several calls a week to new potential prospects to request a meeting to demonstrate her product. She gets lots of voice mails, speaks to lots of gatekeepers and sends a lot of emails with no response.

Every once in a while – statically five out of 100 – she will reach …