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How Removing Clutter can Improve Efficiency

Every business can list efficiency and productivity among the top priorities. Improved efficiency and productivity may not always be considered to go hand in hand; however they really do. In fact, psychologists attest to the fact that a clutter free work placed really does improve productivity and efficiency. This can be attributed to less distractions as well as a clearer thought process. The theory behind it is that a clutter free office space leads to a clutter free mind. The result is then improved concentration and increased memory retention.

Reduce Clutter

Have you ever realized how much more relaxed you feel when you are in a clean room. Think about how you feel after just cleaning your home. Besides the feeling of accomplishment, you are probably also feeling the effects of a clean room. The effect is similar when you stay in a hotel room. Sure, there are other factors at play, but a clean room with less in it leads to a more relaxed and clear state of mind. The positive affect on your psyche is not only attributed to cleanliness, but also less clutter. No collections, pictures, papers, and things to do in sight. This is also the way that your office should be. Here are 5 steps you can take to reduce the amount of clutter in your office space. Remember if management supports this initiative, it will be easier for all employees and staff members to embrace it.

1. Do not keep things on top of desks. Find drawers to put things in. If there is not enough drawer space, use decorative organizers or containers to keep things in.
2. Purchase uniform office supplies. Try purchasing uniform office supplies and try to find small, sleek designs.
3. Print less paper. If you make a habit to print less, that leads to less messy papers all over your desk and office space.
4. Tie up all electronic cords. Cords should be hidden out of sight. They cause a great deal of clutter and it is easy to hide them, tie them together, or try going wireless.
5. Clean up a little bit each day. Remove clutter, empty garbage cans, and keep a schedule that does not allow the clutter to build up.

Organized Work Habits

Once you establish a clean and clutter-free environment make sure to keep it that way. It is much easier when you keep a schedule and tidy up each day. If the clutter in an office space builds up, not only does it affect productivity, it also weighs more heavily on you because it seems like such a large task to clean up. Working organized with less clutter also helps you be more productive because you will know where everything is and never have to waste time searching for something. It also makes it easier to see when an office supply is running low so that you can submit in time for re-order before you run out.

Conclusion: Clear Environment = Clear Mind

Psychologists and design experts both agree that a clean and clutter free room helps you think better, operate more efficiently and feel less stress. When you think more clearly and feel less stress, it can help retain memories and information at a higher rate. Of course, clutter-free offices appeal to your sense of sight. If you are keeping your office neat and clean, it will also likely smell very nice and this will also help your mood and state of mind.

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