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“Get out of the House”

In my previous article I highlighted the three most important elements of how to differentiate yourself; 1) dream, 2) get out of the house and 3) leave no stone unturned. Today I would like to discuss the second point in more detail. I have learned that no matter how big my dreams are, they are not going to come true …

Successful Tips for Speaking in Public

Making a public address can be difficult even for the most seasoned professionals. When it comes to speaking in public, there are a few different tips and tricks you can remember in order to deliver a successful and memorable speech, whether it’s a public relations address or an inspirational speech. One of the most important things to keep in mind, …

Telling Your Story

Have you ever wondered why Kindergarten teachers captivate through stories while your eyes glaze over at a college professor’s reciting of facts and figures? Or why you easily remember your child’s birthday but can’t remember the years of the First World War or the date you started your last job?

The answer is simple: one set has a personal, emotional narrative …

Reputation Management

When you compete in a global marketplace, you depend on your reputation to differentiate your organization. Increasingly, in the online world, reputation management has become an important function. For some organizations, it is vital. In the B2C (business to consumer) market, large organizations have teams of individuals “listening” and overseeing the reputation of the brand. If you tag “Coca Cola” …

December Business Tips

Welcome to December - one of the most fun times of year in terms of your business. Why is that? Well, it's a great time to a) have fun with the Holidays, b) develop new Habits and c) catch up on Housekeeping.

3 Quick PR Tips:
Holidays - thank your clients and or colleagues through the holidays. Spread holiday cheer and good …

KIT = Keep in touch! How to make this saying turn into results

We've all heard the saying before, 'Keep in touch', so why is it so hard for people to do this simple thing? Time, obstacles, other responsibilities? Sure! That's why we want to turn KIT into real results!

3 Quick PR Tips:

1. Don't skimp on being social. If you're not promoting social media for your business, you're missing out on one of …

Allow Your Small Business Achievements to Be an Inspiration

If you own a small business and happen to have been born a Kardashian or have achieved superstar status in a variety of sports, chances are you have gained name recognition or fame across the United States.
But, alas, most small business owners, who would be sorely missed if their shops and services were suddenly to disappear from the American landscape, …

3 Quick PR Tips – Communicating

So, you're a pretty good communicator, right? But how can you get maximum results?

It's one thing to be a good communicator, but it's another to be a communicator to get desired results - especially when it comes to your business.

So, what exactly are you communicating?


3 Quick PR Tips:

1. Giving back to the community. Many businesses miss the boat in terms …

How to have more time for strategy

We've all heard someone say (or even said ourselves) 'there are not enough hours in the day' or 'I wish I had a clone to help me with this work'. We don't have the solution for cloning, however, we can help with having more time.


We hear many of their clients tell us they wish they had more time for their …

Halloween PR & Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Yes Halloween is a fun time where we get to dress up and go to parties! However, do you know that Halloween can be a great time for your business? Following these quick PR tips to implement these scary-good practices into your business.

3 Quick PR Tips:

1. Host a costume contest - pop culture style! Using social media to celebrate Halloween is one …