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Tips on Giving a Media Interview

Have you ever had to speak to the media about an issue that has faced your business or your campaign? Did you feel like they were asking you a question when they already had a predisposition toward a certain answer? Specifically, that their question was "framed" in a certain way? I’m sure the answer is yes but before you write …

How to use sports fan loyalty to drive your business

There is no loyalty equivalent to that of sports fans. There’s something about sports that can bring people together like nothing else. Fans are proud, they are loud, they are fiercely loyal and most importantly, they are not alone. Where there is one face-painted fan, you can be sure that there is a whole stadium full of them not too …

Getting Your Business Noticed this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and that means it's time to celebrate all Moms! This great time to reflect, celebrate and show love and appreciation is also an excellent time for your business (whether or not you're a mom).

Mother's Day is something nearly everyone can relate to and is highly appreciated in our country. So much so, that it is …

Spring into PR

I have to say...I love PR! I love watching businesses grow because of the awareness they generate by putting forth messaging to their audiences. These businesses really get to understand their client base, and vice versa.

When you really have a genuine relationship with your clients, employees, and community the fun begins!

So, if you've been thinking about incorporating Public Relations into …

Why Now is the Time to Launch a Second Company Blog

Blogging has become a linchpin in the digital marketing strategy of most companies. Marketers understand that a blog is a great way to communicate with and engage their audiences and with so many free and fresh blogging platforms these days (Medium, Ghost, Svbtle, etc.), it is easier than ever to set up an additional …

Go for it!

At NSPR, we continually have the urge to do even more for our clients. Weekly I personally read articles, attend workshops and continue my knowledge in the field of communications so I can further provide the best and latest approaches to spreading awareness for great organizations.

When it comes to PR and Marketing, you want a team that is staying on-top …

Celebrate Your Business Milestones

Go ahead...celebrate! Did you just have an anniversary at your company? What about serving your 100,000th customer? Perhaps it's a milestone of giving back to a certain charity. It's time to celebrate your business milestones!

3 Quick PR Tips:

1. Identify your milestone. Whether you know your business anniversary is in a few months or even if you just had your milestone, …

Time to Love the Quantitative

Who is not a fan of Robin Williams? We just love him and his new show, The Crazy Ones See episode here. This show actually does a great job at portraying the behind the scenes issues that we face at PR / Marketing / Advertising firms. While we may not have all the fun antics that the show has, the …


During Teana’s first pregnancy she lied in bed thinking about creative ways that would allow her to stay home with the baby while making money at the same time. At the time she was working in the corporate world as a Business Analyst and completely unhappy with every aspect of the job. Having a child creates a level of clarity …

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook!

Do you remember when Facebook was created just for college students? Now it's a dynamic tool for the convergence of social and business platforms delivering the most custom messaging and marketing opportunities of all time.

So how are you utilizing Facebook? Celebrate its 10th birthday with these quick PR tips!

3 Quick PR Tips:

1. Keep things professional - …