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Powering Up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an incredible tool to gaining publicity as it is more of a niche social network specifically revolved around business. This means it has the potential to enhance your business in the most effective way. It is the foremost choice when connecting with colleagues for B2B, partnerships and overall professional based relationships. The more you use LinkedIn, the more you are introduced to new industry leaders interested in similar business ventures. With this, you can see the tremendous growth your company can experience with this tool. The power of gaining the most benefits from this social platform lie in the way you set up your profile and your activity utilizing LinkedIn’s groups feature.

Powering up Your Profile

When setting up LinkedIn, fill out your profile in its full entirety including as much detail as possible. Strive for 100% profile completeness. You can measure this with the percentage bar positioned on the top, right side of your profile. Your profile is the perfect area to showcase credibility with experience and accomplishments, as well as, business affiliations. To power up your profile, begin by gathering a list of keywords that best describe your business and industry. These should be specific and well thought out. Use your keywords throughout your profile so that the LinkedIn search function can easily find you. The search is similar to Google on the basis that keywords can really help get you noticed. With this take notice that LinkedIn works top down. The higher your keywords, the easier you are found.

Here are the top 5 places on your LinkedIn profile to add your keywords

1. Headline (Most Important)

2. Current Work Experience

3. Each Past Experience

4. Summary (Use multiple times) This is strategic — Use it in headings and at the beginnings of paragraph

5. Specialties Section

Once your profile is easier for other business leaders to spot, you will find that more people within your industry will want to connect with you—even if you’ve never engaged with them. It’s good to have connections with people you don’t know. It helps you generate more business. You can export these connections on the bottom of your contacts page with first name, last name and email address. This can be used for future business development.

Going Viral with Groups

One of the most powerful features LinkedIn provides for its users is LinkedIn groups. These can be used as a tool to place you in a position where content you produce and are featured in go viral. The easiest way to find elite groups for your industry is with your keywords. Utilize those keywords in a generic group search to materialize a layout that is industry specific. Join groups that are the most relevant and contain the highest amount of members for the best possible outreach. Add as many groups as possible to reach a large network of business leaders. When your group requests are confirmed you are given access to submit discussions. As a great aide to going viral, share your latest blog post or press release to each and every group you have made an effort to join. This exposes your content to thousands of professionals in one group discussion alone. When posting to these groups, be sure to post articles specific to your industry including any and all media coverage that is positive revolving around your company. These should be fresh up to a week after the article or interview. Posts can also include events and conferences your business will be attending with link backs to your site. This will go a long way to developing relationships with the organizers and with those you need to network with. It may seem simple, but by practicing this often you will be consistently placing your business in front of thousands of business leaders interested in your industry exposing yourself to new connections and immense publicity.

This is the last post of the four part social media series to make yourself a valuable entity in your industry gathering you credibility and clients from around the globe. If you would like to know more about utilizing social media to enhance your business, inquire about our DIY Workbook “From Startup to Star,” available for pre-order now.


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