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8 Low Cost and Creative Employee Loyalty Programs

If you are reading this article then you are probably leading a team or running a business and are curious what I mean by this title.  If you haven’t had to do any hiring lately – CONGRATULATIONS!  If you have, then you know how very difficult it is to find great talent.  This may be the wildest market I’ve seen …

Protect Your Small Business Against Credit Card Fraud

You’ve probably heard of people stealing, buying and selling credit card information.  You don’t want your business to be the victim of such a transaction. But on any given day, your small business is now vulnerable.

The cardholder’s issuing bank previously took care of these situations.  Previously.

That’s the way it used to be.  Now your small business could be the one …

The Entrepreneurial Role Model

Who is your entrepreneurial role model? Is it Henry Ford – perhaps Andrew Carnegie? Why is the person you chose the entrepreneur who you look up to? Did they donate millions to charity or did they teach you that failure isn’t permanent? Whoever you look up to in the world of business, you don’t look up to because they were …

Tips to secure corporate partners for your nonprofit

When it comes to finding a corporate partner for your nonprofit organization, doing one’s homework is critically important. Successfully approaching businesses requires a two-sided analysis.  These tips will help you to secure partnerships and sustain long term relationships:

  1. Know who you are. Do your homework – on you!  Make sure you have a clearly defined mission statement and your specific programs …