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Back to Basics: The Difference Between an LLC and Corporation

Filing your business as a legal entity with the state is a huge step for new small business owners. Both Corporation and LLC owners have the opportunity for limited liability protection, saving on taxes, and letting their customers know that they’re giving their business to a legitimate, professional entity of the state. But there are a few key differences between …

Keeping the Holiday Spirit in Your Office

With employees using the last of their vacation days, bad weather causing late arrivals to work, and other little inconveniences that seem to pile up during the last stretch of the year, keeping holiday cheer in the office is typically the last thing on every business owner’s mind. However, entrepreneurs shouldn’t miss this special opportunity during the holidays to increase …

Year-End Tax Deductible Charitable Giving

Each year in December, many of us make donations to charities, in part, in order to receive certain tax benefits. The IRS provides a “2015 Tips List for Year End Gifts to Charity”, which  can be found online at

While we appreciate tax breaks, most people embrace the season of giving with a genuine desire to make a difference …

Showing Thanks Every Day

We were taught when we were children to say please and thank you. It may seem like a simple lesson to learn, but it’s one that we should carry with us everywhere we go. In business, the power of showing thanks can go a long way – but who should you be thankful for? There are a few groups of …