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Why Now is the Time to Launch a Second Company Blog

Blogging has become a linchpin in the digital marketing strategy of most companies. Marketers understand that a blog is a great way to communicate with and engage their audiences and with so many free and fresh blogging platforms these days (Medium, Ghost, Svbtle, etc.), it is easier than ever to set up an additional platform and work it into your content marketing strategy.

As we invest more time and resources into developing unique content, perhaps you’ve thought about launching a second company blog to give your content more space and increase your online presence. Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea previously but haven’t concluded the advantages of doing so. There are many clear advantages to launching a second company blog and now may be the best time to do so.

Benefits of posting original content on two blogs

There are many advantages to posting original and unique content on two different blogs. This enables you to focus your blog content on different topics or use different voices. One way to do this is to have one blog that focuses on what your company is doing, written by the marketing or social media team as you probably already have. Then, the second blog can be written by the CEO.

This is a great way to divide the two and it results in a more robust approach to blogging. The ‘CEO blog’ is a great way to humanize the face of your company and there is greater freedom in terms of what topics can be broached from this perspective. Ultimately, you can use this blog as a tool to present your CEO as a thought leader in your space, which in turn lends credibility to your company overall.

When people are interested in learning about a company, one of the primary things they want to know is who the people are that are leading it, what sort of background they have, and why they should be trusted as experts in their field. A ‘CEO blog’ is a great way to address these things and you can set this up as a separate blog so that it can be focused specifically on this mission, rather than brand awareness. This will avoid diminishing or watering down your more brand-focused efforts on the ‘company blog’.

Another way to think about dividing your content into two blogs is to make one promotional, and the other non-promotional. The premise remains the same but rather than having the focus be on the CEO as a thought leader, you can have one or multiple other people in the company write thought leadership posts while maintaining a more promotional blog as well.

Depending on your strategy, and particularly depending on the weight you’ve put on the story of how the company came to be, it may make more sense to have the CEO-specific angle or simply a non-promotional, thought leadership blog unattached to that one individual. This also makes a lot of sense if the CEO is either too busy to write, or not keen on allocating time to this particular task.

Benefits of hosting one blog on your company website and one blog on another platform

It also makes sense to consider hosting two blogs in different locations. Platforms such as Medium, Svbtle, Tumblr, and even Google+ and Quora as micro-blogging platforms are all free and easy to use. From an SEO perspective, it is tremendously valuable to publish unique content on different topics and push it out on your social networks. This creates more unique content for your networks’ different audiences that can be widely distributed and attract more shares, potentially increasing your overall visibility in search results.

This is a way of casting a much wider net in promoting your content which ultimately means reacher a greater audience and drawing more people to your website to learn more about your company and its offerings. By having a non-promotional or ‘CEO blog’ hosted elsewhere, you can organically engage people interested in topics relevant to your industry or to the audience you target and lead them to your site.

The page visits you receive this way represent individuals who would not have otherwise come to learn about you, and who do not feel they’ve been advertised to or sold to. You have created genuine curiosity, and this will augment your existing digital marketing strategy demonstrably.

If you haven’t launched a second blog, now is the time to think about doing so. If you think about the most suitable way to divide content and promote it through social media accordingly, you will see tremendous advantages in the agility this strategy gives you when positioning your company and your brand.

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Fernando Cuscuela is an experienced entrepreneur who likes nothing better than to start new businesses and make them profitable. He founded a successful Digital Media Agency, Clickbunker, and most recently he started Everypost, where he now focuses most of his attention.