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New Year Predictions: Four things to watch in IT for 2015

Nothing changes faster than IT. From hardware to software; from hand-held to desktop — in our modern and interconnected world, technology has always moved and changed at an incredibly rapid pace. Below are my IT trend predictions in the New Year.

  1. The Cloud will be critical. Movement (aka Migration) from enterprise-based application to the cloud was once considered forward-thinking for only the biggest and strongest operations but not anymore. The shift to the cloud is fast becoming the norm for all size companies (even individual PC users). In 2015, this trend will not just continue it will accelerate and here’s why. Migrating applications to cloud based services gives businesses increased flexibility and allows for company growth well beyond the constraints of an embedded infrastructure.
  2. Network security funding will explode. With the shock and awe of the Sony hack – no company again will ever complain about security spending. The internal impact of this damaging breach may not be fully realized for months, but the greater impact on the market is already being seen. Being connected means being exposed to risk. The percentage of IT spend on new software, methodologies and appliances to minimize this risk will increase in 2015. No one wants to be the next Sony.
  3. Bandwidth will grow. Believe or not, dial-up is still being used in more rural areas and slow broadband Internet connectivity is still accepted by companies who don’t think speed matters. It does, and it will even more in the New Year. Homes and businesses are increasing their dependency on their Internet connections, and more use means more data – which is why the cloud has become so essential. Speed and storage will be the two areas that will gain new momentum in 2015.
  4. Backup and Recovery will become redundant. With natural disasters from hurricanes to earthquakes and concerns over potential grid shutdowns, back-up and recovery will not be resolved with one solution but multiple solutions because companies won’t take any chances. In 2015, look for back-ups to the back-ups, data encryptions and relocations. Any which way protection can be assured, it will happen. This is an issue that will take on C level visibility as companies respond to increased digital threats.



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About David Raucher

David Raucher is Vice President of IT at Allegiance Capital Corporation,, a leading M&A advisory firm for privately-held/closely-held companies across all industries. He is a recipient of Software Summit Award for Business Transformation with ERP and is recognized for his exceptional ability to communicate complex technological solutions and apply them to real world business problems. He is…