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From Selflessness and Service to Business

August in Kansas City brings a great opportunity for veterans or their spouses who want to start or expand a business!

The U.S. Small Business Administration recently announced a major expansion of their post-military entrepreneurship training efforts by expanding its Boots to Business entrepreneurship program beyond just transitioning troops to any veteran or their spouse interested in business. SBA and its …

How to use sports fan loyalty to drive your business

There is no loyalty equivalent to that of sports fans. There’s something about sports that can bring people together like nothing else. Fans are proud, they are loud, they are fiercely loyal and most importantly, they are not alone. Where there is one face-painted fan, you can be sure that there is a whole stadium full of them not too …

Sky-High SEO: Learn from Ryanair’s Mistake

Couple of months ago, Irish airliner Ryanair launched a new website, sporting a new, visual-heavy design and easy-to-use navigation. One of the largest changes was the overhaul of the online reservation booking process, which now allows customers to book a flight in as few as five clicks. The redesign should have helped bolster Ryanair’s brand, and help solidify its standings …

Be Obsessive: How to Build and Maintain a Successful Brand

Many small businesses don’t think that investing in their brand is important for their company or industry. Providing a high-quality product or service should be all the matters. However, customers make purchasing decisions not only on value but also on Values – so it is important to align your company with the Values that are important to you and your …

Are You A Marketing Lion or A Gazelle?

I recently attended a motivational seminar in St. Louis. One of the speakers featured was a fast rising motivational star, Eric Thomas.  Eric told the story of the lion and the gazelle. He recited an often quoted refrain. The original one may have be penned by Christopher McDougall in his book Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the …

9 Ways Infographics Can Boost Your Content Marketing

Infographics are a great way to show your expertise on a subject, and to include some hard data in your company’s blog in a way that is exciting to look at and won’t bore your readers. Here are 9 ways infographics can help your company’s online marketing:

1. Visually absorbable content allows readers to scan quickly but still absorb your message …

CPA’S gaining trust and winning referral business with website video communications

Accountants use professional B2B web videos for building new client relationships.

If your business thinks that online video marketing is not the now, but the future…think again. Traditional industries like accounting and law firms, that have long term beliefs that building relationships are only driven by face-to-face relationships, are starting to use professional web video production services as a tactic …

Why Small Business Owners are the Perfect Grill Masters for Your Summer BBQ

This Memorial Day make sure you have someone with the right skills manning your BBQ. Small business owners have the diverse skills set you need to have the perfect time this holiday weekend.

Inventory management – Some people only want hamburgers, others only hotdogs. Others skips the meats altogether and fill up on the potato salad, chips and other sides. Small …

Getting Your Business Noticed this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and that means it's time to celebrate all Moms! This great time to reflect, celebrate and show love and appreciation is also an excellent time for your business (whether or not you're a mom).

Mother's Day is something nearly everyone can relate to and is highly appreciated in our country. So much so, that it is …

3 Ways To Market

I’m very up front about the idea that I feel like I am in the marketing business, even though I ultimately deliver a business service. What is amazing to me is that too many of my colleagues don’t agree with me and I feel like they are missing a tremendous opportunity by not thinking of themselves as marketers first.

The simple …