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Let Others Do What They Love. You Do What is Profitable.

It’s a statement that seems to be repeated by entrepreneurs around the globe as they search for the perfect business to start. But truly making your passion your life’s work isn’t as realistic as many people might think – which begs the question: can you still live a fulfilled life if you aren’t necessarily passionate about what you do for a living?

Passion doesn’t always mean profit
There are a lot of things you might have a passion for – take golfing, for instance. But just because you love to golf doesn’t mean that you’re going to make the next PGA tour – or that you have the skills to develop an amazing new golf simulator that will make you millions. In this situation, just because you’re passionate about golf doesn’t mean you can make money – at least in terms of a legitimate income – through the sport.

We see many of our buyers waiting to purchase a business, wanting to find something that they’re really passionate about. But waiting for passion to strike doesn’t always pan out – after all, there are many other factors involved with running a successful business. While it shouldn’t be discounted entirely – after all, you might not be as motivated to work on the business if you don’t love the niche – being passionate about what you do doesn’t necessarily impact the fundamentals of the business.

Work can supplement your passion
Realizing that the majority of things you’re passionate about aren’t things that will generate the kind of capital that will pay your mortgage or send your kids to college, it is possible to start a company that helps support your passions. Doing something for a living that you’re good at is what allows you to hit the links every week. Running a successful business can help you afford the cost of a golf trainer to improve your game – which will maybe allow you to make the senior PGA tour once you retire. While that might be a little extreme, using your work to help supplement your passion just seems to be a more realistic expectation for most individuals.

For many business owners, even if they do have the opportunity to turn their passion into a business, they don’t. No matter what you do for a living, there will always be parts of your business that are burdensome. That looks different for every business owner – maybe it’s keeping the books or the constant hours you keep as an entrepreneur. Or maybe it’s another piece of running your company that you just don’t care for. The bottom line is that taking on the less fun pieces involved with turning your passion into a business can take away from the enjoyment of your hobby. And many entrepreneurs just want to enjoy what they’re passionate about – outside of business hours.

Work to live, don’t live to work
When you do something that you’re good at – but not necessarily passionate about – you still enjoy your work, right? This is because when you do something well that plays to your strengths, you still get enjoyment out of it. Just because it’s not your number one passion in life doesn’t mean that you’re destined for a horrible career.

This is what it means to run a lifestyle business: building a company that plays on what you’re good at – which subsequently allows you and your family to lead a comfortable lifestyle. If you’re focused on developing, acquiring or improving a lifestyle business, you’ll have the ability to support your passions in your free time – especially when your passion isn’t something that’s necessarily profitable.

The bottom line
While tradition says that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, this doesn’t mean that your life’s work also have to be your life’s passion. There are ways to enjoy – and be great at – what you do to support the rest of your lifestyle, while keeping the things you’re truly passionate about as hobbies for your free time. This allows you to simply enjoy the things you love to do – while still getting enjoyment out of your work.

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