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4 –Ways to Determine Which Industry-Based Leadership Style is Best for Your Company

An industry-based leadership style is the unwritten rules of your industry, yet customers react to them because of its wide practices. I want to help you understand those industry-based leadership styles that are often associated with various industries. I also want you to know that it is not limited to a geographical area rather it is universal because of the …

3–Ways to show your employees appreciation during this holiday season

The holiday season is very stressful for families, and there is no better occasion to show appreciation for your employees that have helped your company throughout the year. Recognizing your employees’ contributions to your company’s success is one way to mitigate the holiday stress. I am amazed by the number of employers that take their employees for granted. I guess …

5 Ways that Micromanagement Can Hurt Your Company

Micromanagement is derived from (micro + management), micro means small, tiny, and insignificant and management is supervision of something, as in business activities. Putting both words together you get the true picture of micromanagement. When someone tells you that you are involved in micromanagement, it means that you exert excessive control of insignificant activities in your company. Trying to do …

A KISS that Lasts!

red lips isolated in white

Everyone has heard of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).  All agree that it makes sense.  In an increasingly complex world, leaders have to find simple messages that cut through the complexity to resonate with employees and deliver results.

But, do leaders really …

Leadership Lessons I Wish Someone Had Taught Me in High School

highschool leaders

Recently, I was invited to speak to a high school class about leadership.  As you might expect, I opened by speaking about my career as an entrepreneur, political campaigner, and marketing professional. The core of my talk, though, was about ten leadership lessons – some very practical – that I …

The MRD Concept


The MRD CONCEPT is a business thought that is a paradigm shift from the way we look at our business process now. It is about focusing on the materials resources of an organization as compared to our present focus on marketing, finance or manufacturing. This will help counter the recessionary trends …

Are You Coaching Your Supervisors on True Leadership?

coach your supervisor

Pretend you are the coach of a sports team at the start of the season. You address your players with a list of performance expectations. Do you then:

• Have them practice often, provide pre-game instructions as well as advice during timeouts, and offer guidance away from the game if …

Turning leaders good intentions to sustained actions

Leadership Tips

When our daughter was 16, she saw Dave making a long list of 80 items on the computer.  She asked what it was and Dave said it was things he could improve to be a better parent, father, employee, community member, and so forth.  She quickly said, “I …

Grow Your Student Organization Like a Business

From the second a student steps onto a college campus, the phrase “get involved” begins ringing in their head. They hear it from their campus guides; they hear it from their advisors; they hear it from current students. There’s no avoiding it.

And there is a reason for this. Many sources cite getting involved as the number one factor of students …

The Four Vital Pillars for Your Business

Imagine your business as a home. You have the foundation all set: this is comprised of your employees, clients, and every physical item in your office. However, in order to keep the roof over your head, you have to have four corners, or pillars, that will contain and uphold your company. These four pillars are accountability, integrity, honesty, and communication. …