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Post-It Brainstorming: Your Organization’s Secret Weapon

You’ve been here before: "Let’s gather some ideas," or "Let’s brainstorm." But how do you take your standard (sometimes unproductive) brainstorming session and come out with a million dollar meeting?

Merriam-Webster describes brainstorming as, "a problem-solving technique that involves the spontaneous contribution of ideas from all members of the group."

The fact is there are many ways to brainstorm for ideas. One …

Why Managers and Millennials Don’t Get Along

The generation gap between Millennials and managers can create conflict in the work place. Baby Boomer supervisors and fellow employees sometimes view Millennials as entitled, disloyal and lazy, but this is often a case of miscommunication. Even with most managers tending to view their Gen-Y employees as having a poor work ethic, in contrast, most Millennials have a positive view …

Strategy for Team Leaders and Division Supervisors to Resolve Personality Tension (PT) in the Workplace

Personality Tension (PT) is an ill feeling behavior between coworkers where neither has the power to fire the other. Therefore, they try to gain power by creating the tension through their behavior towards each other. It does not include management created tension where the manager has the power to fire an employee. Team leaders and supervisors constantly interact with employees …

How to Create a Culture of Cool in Your Workplace

Today, approximately 36% of the U.S. workforce are Millennials. By 2025, they will account for 75% of the global workplace. Millennials care about their work environment more than any previous generation as they place the most value on their free time and lifestyle outside of work. Creating a culture of cool will help recruit and retain talented Millennials to your …

The Gen-Y Advantage: How Millennials think differently than previous generations

Millennials differ from previous generations, their way of thinking included. Millennials are believed to be entitled, disloyal and lazy. However, this is a misunderstanding. Gen-Ys are often misunderstood as entitled because they push new boundaries to feed their desire for new experiences. They need to constantly be challenged, and if it’s not provided, they go looking for it.


The Solution to Your Crisis May Lie in Another Industry

It’s nearly impossible to know how you will react under pressure until you’re put to the test. Difficult times create stress, and stress makes us revert to our comfort zones. When a crisis hits, many leaders react by withdrawing, shutting out others, and putting up a front of assertiveness.

Unfortunately, this behavior exacerbates the issue. When your company’s in crisis, seeking …

Ana Weber-Haber’s Ten Tips for Career and Money Success

1. If Life Gives You Lemons—Plant a Lemon Orchard! In any crisis, find the seeds of opportunity, and think big enough to make it happen. Don’t just make lemonade from your sour lemons or bad breaks. Think bigger, and use them to create business and career success. What crisis can you turn into opportunity?

2. Turn Enemies into Friends. How many …

Know Your Leadership I.Q.

Do you know your leadership I.Q. score? When was the last time that you had a leadership checkup?  Every year, we set aside hours to take an honest look at our business’ budgets searching for possible cutbacks, leaks in our revenue, and ways to maintain the financial well-being of our companies. More often than not, we overlook one of the …

Tips for 2014

53% of Americans consider starting their own businesses, but many give up shortly after they begin. We all know that starting a business takes guts, but what it does it take to keep a business going? After running several of my own companies, I put together four tips from my own experiences—not only on launching a business, but on making it last.

1. It’s Time …

6 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2014

eMarketer predicts that 2014 may be the “year of social” as more businesses are budgeting for paid social media advertising and social networks are providing better ad targeting. The market research company estimates that in 2014, 88% of US marketers using social media for marketing.

However, most small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are not well prepared to market effectively on …