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Know Your Leadership I.Q.

Do you know your leadership I.Q. score? When was the last time that you had a leadership checkup?  Every year, we set aside hours to take an honest look at our business’ budgets searching for possible cutbacks, leaks in our revenue, and ways to maintain the financial well-being of our companies. More often than not, we overlook one of the most important reviews that are vital to the success of our businesses, our regular leadership I.Q. test. As leaders in our communities and our businesses, we should be willing to take just as much time to review the health of our leadership as we do to review the health our budgets.

As the philosopher Confucius said, “Study the past if you would divine the future.” Pope John Paul II added, “The future starts today, not tomorrow.”

Both of these quotes are very important when studying leadership for a couple of reasons. As Confucius said, I would agree that in most cases your past determines your future, but studying our past is useless unless we choose to act to change our current circumstances for the better starting TODAY. If we can divine our leadership IQ in the now, whether good or bad, we can move forward with the knowledge of how to improve and enhance our current capabilities and motivate our teams more effectively. One of the best ways to obtain your leadership IQ is by submitting to a 360 Review.

Take a 360 Review of Your Leadership

These reviews are from your coworkers and your employees. They don’t tell you who you are; they tell you how you are perceived by those around you – your friends, coworkers, and employees. You can find a number of 360 reviews on the Internet and dozens of books to explain the results. It is a great tool to help you understand how others view your leadership style. However, this can be challenging and painful process for many leaders. As people in positions of power, our actions are under constant scrutiny from others, and as a result, we tend to develop an ego. If, left unchecked, that ego can cloud how we see effectiveness as a leader. 360 Reviews have a nasty habit of revealing the flaws that we typically don’t want to acknowledge, but it is only by knowing our weaknesses that we can begin to enhance our strengths and find ways to compensate for our weaknesses.

Whether you are self-employed owner/operator or the president of a large company, leadership is about perspective and learning to see from the outside in, and then using that perspective to act wisely.

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