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KIT = Keep in touch! How to make this saying turn into results

We’ve all heard the saying before, ‘Keep in touch’, so why is it so hard for people to do this simple thing? Time, obstacles, other responsibilities? Sure! That’s why we want to turn KIT into real results!

3 Quick PR Tips:

1. Don’t skimp on being social. If you’re not promoting social media for your business, you’re missing out on one of the hottest ways to KIT. Not to mention, since Facebook and Twitter are essentially free, social media has one of the biggest returns on investment

2. Reach out and touch someone. Okay, keep your hands to yourself, but the point is get out there and meet up with people! Having a quick cup of coffee is one of the best ways to KIT. Try doing this once every other week. There is nothing like a face-to-face meeting. Are you a techie? Schedule a Google Hangout meeting and have some fun.

3. News they can use. Share your internal news regularly through: email campaigns, website updates, blogs, media announcements, social media and community outreach. Too busy? If you don’t have the team in place to spread the news your audience can use, they can be left feeling like you haven’t lived up to your end of the phrase, KIT. So go ahead, and get a team to share news for you.

KIT can be fun! Try putting together a unique event that is tailored to the interests of your target demographic and then KIT by telling your audience about it. KIT is one of the most effective ways to garner more awareness, interest and revenue for your organization.

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About Jennifer Vickery

Jennifer’s background is in national public relations campaigns where she oversees every aspect of PR strategy utilizing her 10+ years of senior experience. She’s worked for various national public relations clientele through every facet of PR. She has experience with writing a regular column for a newspaper, producing a health television segment, serving as a…