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The Importance of Dressing for Success

First impressions really are everything, despite those that tell you otherwise. As humans, we are natural born communicators, and we communicate constantly in verbal and non-verbal form. A big part of non-verbal communication is the attire we put on each day. What you choose to wear affects both the wearer and the observer.

A great example of this is going to an interview for a potential job. Would you attend the interview in jeans and a button up? The answer is probably no. Dressing in professional attire is the first key element in body language impressions, and it is the first thing employers notice. Not only does dressing professionally make a great initial impression, but it also portrays a sense of pride and confidence to the employer.

Taking pride in your appearance is a natural confidence booster. I know when I dress for success, I feel like success. I like to think of our bodies as somewhat of a canvas, with the attire being the paint. Making sure the blank canvas gets the intended message across to the viewer is the main goal of art, correct? Well, the main goal of your attire in regard to the professional workforce should relay a confident, put-together and neat message. Now, I’m not saying avoid showing individualistic flair in an outfit. Showing your personality in your attire is great, but make sure to adapt your individuality to each environment. Since we are discussing professional attire, one idea to add in your individual flair could be a statement necklace, or a standout tie.
Remember maintaining appropriate dress attire in the workforce, especially in an office setting, is also a way of showing respect for an environment and the people in it. Like I said above, your look may change depending on the business environment, therefore, plan accordingly.

A great way to get a feel for the kind of impression you want to give off is by playing around with your appearance. Pay attention to how individuals react to your color choice, etc. After you take note of those reactions, you can continue working on your personal professional brand and market yourself to meet your professional goals.

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