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The Impact of Online Reputation on Your Company’s Success

When it comes to utilizing the internet to help better your small business, there is more to keep in mind than just SEO, and web-based marketing and advertising. One of the most powerful ways that you can utilize the internet for your brand is to make sure you are keeping tabs on your online reputation.  When negative press impacts your company it can not only go online and go viral within seconds, damaging your reputation, but it also stays online, making it easy for existing or potential clients to see negative information on your company.

This is why managing your online reputation is so important. While most companies will face some type of crisis in their future that will negatively impact their company, managing your online reputation is about more than just dealing with crisis situations, its about consistently paying attention to, managing and keeping track of what type reputation your company and your brand name has online. First, it is important to understand why online reputation management is so important.


According to recent statistics, approximately 70% of all consumers will consult reviews or ratings before they make a purchase. The same goes for consumers who are looking for a service provider. Also, keep in mind that more than half of consumers will use the internet to learn more about a brick-and-mortar store or company before they do business with someone. This means, even if your company doesn’t operate online, consumers may be looking to your brand reputation before considering doing business with you.


You will also want to make sure that you understand the best ways to effectively manage your reputation. Combating the effects of negative brand coverage can be difficult, but there are some things that you can do. First you to make sure that you are consistently monitoring the news regarding your brand name. You can do this in a number of ways, including setting up Google alerts. The quicker you are able to react the better off you will be and the quicker you will be able to release statements clarifying any misconceptions and more.


Another approach you can take is to do what is known as reverse SEO, this is using SEO approaches to put out positive information about your company. You can also work with webmasters and companies like Google to remove content that is clearly defaced or can be problematic to your brand’s reputation. You will also want to consult a professional brand management company to help stay on top of developing your solid brand reputation. These are all things that can help you develop the type of online brand reputation that you can be proud of.

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