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7 Reasons Desperation Hiring is a Bad Idea

I have the honor of working with dozens of Colorado’s most creative entrepreneurs and smartest business leaders every day.  One of the hardest things to tackle when you are a small, fast growing company is hiring.  I’m not talking about the mechanics of employment, but rather the timing of each new person so that you maintain the customer services levels …

You Still Have Time to Sign up for Affordable Care Act Health Insurance for 2016 Coverage

If you missed the December 15, 2015 deadline to enroll for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act Federal Marketplace, all is not lost.   That was the deadline for health coverage beginning January 1, 2016.

You still have until January 31, 2016.

Individuals and sole proprietors can still sign up for a policy and save yourself some money in the long run.

Those …

Keeping the Holiday Spirit in Your Office

With employees using the last of their vacation days, bad weather causing late arrivals to work, and other little inconveniences that seem to pile up during the last stretch of the year, keeping holiday cheer in the office is typically the last thing on every business owner’s mind. However, entrepreneurs shouldn’t miss this special opportunity during the holidays to increase …

Showing Thanks Every Day

We were taught when we were children to say please and thank you. It may seem like a simple lesson to learn, but it’s one that we should carry with us everywhere we go. In business, the power of showing thanks can go a long way – but who should you be thankful for? There are a few groups of …

8 Low Cost and Creative Employee Loyalty Programs

If you are reading this article then you are probably leading a team or running a business and are curious what I mean by this title.  If you haven’t had to do any hiring lately – CONGRATULATIONS!  If you have, then you know how very difficult it is to find great talent.  This may be the wildest market I’ve seen …

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Workforce

Everyone loves to talk about health. There are mobile apps to monitor food intake, stress levels, and exercise, and whole blogs dedicated to fitness and physical and mental health.  It can’t be denied however, that Americans spend most of the week working, not monitoring their well-being. According to Psychology Today, the average American spends 90,000 hours at work during their …

5 Ways to Prepare for Asking for a Raise

As many people are uncomfortably aware, the recession played havoc with a lot of careers and career plans.  It significantly impacted (mostly in a negative way) many people’s career direction, household income, position title and tenure.  If this happened to you, you might be one of those people who jumped into a position that was less than inspiring, and with …

5 Steps Managers Should Take to Make Work Less Stressful for Employees

Help employees map their goals. Too often, employees will view their personal career objectives completely separate from their current goals at work. Yet much of what your employees do on a regular basis supports long-term career trajectory and builds valuable skillsets. Employees feel stressed when they are working hard at their job because they don’t feel like it’s doing much …

How to be a dog of a leader…in a good way

Outrageously bad employee behaviour makes for great stories in the media. You know the ones, like getting injured whilst having sex on a work trip, suing because the chair height was adjusted or the after-hours office liaison that the hotel patrons next door photographed. Even though these stories pique our curiosity, these are more the exception, and the rule of …

5 Tips to Make Room for Career Growth

“The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out.” - Dee Hock, Founder and former CEO of Visa

The theme this month is clearing the path for mobility in your career.  I coach a number of mid-career professionals and the recurring theme as they work hard to move from …

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