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How to Write a Media Advisory for an Event


Writing a media advisory for an event means creating a document that will be used to invite reporters to cover the function that you are hosting. This can be anything from a press conference to a forum or anything in between. The goal of a media advisory is to be succinct, to the point and to get the attention of the reports and encourage them to attend. You will want to make the event sound interesting and newsworthy so that you get press coverage to your event. With this in mind, here is how you can approach writing a media advisory for an event.

1. On the top left side of the document, make sure that you have the date you are releasing the media advisory.

2. Start by listing the city the event will take place in, in all capitals (ATLANTA)

3. Begin your document with a two to three sentence introduction about the event, what is going to happen at the event and why this particular event is important.

4. Write out five subheadings, ‘what,’ ‘who,’ ‘when,’ ‘where,’ and ‘why.’ These should be well organized on the release. With these headings, the reporters will be able to quickly scan the document and find out where they need to go in order to get the coverage they are looking for.

5. In the ‘what’ section list the title of the event including the full name of the function.

6. In the ‘who’ section list the individuals or organizations that will be putting this event on.

7. Next write out the ‘when’ section and give specifics on both date and time.

8. Create a ‘where’ section with the exact location of the event. Include both the name of the venue such as ‘City Hall’ including the address. If the venue is outside make sure that you have a rain location listed as well.

9. In the ‘why’ section you will be able to write a little more than in the previous steps. Try to keep this section to a minimum of 1-2 sentences. Make sure that you put the goal of the event in there such as ‘to raise money for the children’s hospital’ so people know why you are hosting it.

10. End the media release with some contact information. Simply put ‘for more information, contact…’ and list both a name and a number.

With these easy steps you can create a simple yet effective media release that will get the attention of reporters. Make sure to keep the vocabulary simple and make sure that everything is short and to the point.

photo credit: MrTopf via photopin cc

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