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How to stay ahead in business: make your calendar your new marketing assistant

Want to ensure you do all the things needed for marketing and communicating your business’ progress? Put it on your calendar – Today!

There are many things that you can turn into repeating events, such as social media posts, email campaigns, blogging, networking and even reminders to pick up the phone and call one person a day.

So why not let your calendar act as your very own marketing assistant? It’s fast, easy to use and most of all, free! You can still have bragging rights and tell your friends your assistant will remind you about your meeting (just kidding here).

Letting your calendar act as your marketing assistant is a very cost-effective way to keep you on-track and accountable for your marketing success.

Want to break it down further? Think about what you can do every Monday to ensure your success? How about Tuesday, and the rest of the days of the week? Get into a groove and really grow your success. Perhaps there are things that you want to do bi-weekly or just once a month. No problem! Let your calendar remind you about it.

Here are the top five calendar usages for marketing and communications according to National Strategies Public Relations President / CEO, Jennifer Vickery:

1. Daily social media posts – set the reminder to occur at a convenient time for you. Remember you can always schedule posts on Facebook, but it’s still good to check social media all around, respond to posts and give timely updates.

2. Weekly networking – we all know how fast days can fly when working hard. Networking can be one of those things that before you know it you haven’t made it to an event, reached out to a friend or made a new introduction in months! Don’t let that time slip away. Put a reminder on it!

4. Weekly internal staff communications – another danger zone is working on efforts externally and not communicating internally. Set a regular meeting maker to get your team involved, engaged and behind you on your vision. Otherwise, team meetings can also be one of those things that before you know it has been six or more months since the last time you grouped together!

5. Monthly e-mail campaigns – touching base with your clients, colleagues or participants is vital to sustain an organization. Keep in touch regularly. Put together your monthly news, events and updates and you’ll be sure to keep top of mind. Setting a regular day of the month for this to happen can be the difference between a great open response rate to your audience getting confused as to who you even are. Keep relevant!

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About Jennifer Vickery

Jennifer’s background is in national public relations campaigns where she oversees every aspect of PR strategy utilizing her 10+ years of senior experience. She’s worked for various national public relations clientele through every facet of PR. She has experience with writing a regular column for a newspaper, producing a health television segment, serving as a…