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Get the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons and you win! Don’t, and its struggle and strife.

In my last article I mentioned my business mantra, “get the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons and you win! Don’t, and its struggle and strife.” I wanted to expand on each of those points, to further explain why each one is important and relies on the other to create the best outcome for your business.

The Right People

The first thing to consider when hiring someone is their attitude. Do they believe in your company, do they seem excited by it? Or are they just looking for a job, without any real connection to the industry or your company? If they fall into the second category then it’s best to keep looking. Equally important to attitude is trust and good character, integrity, and intention. This person takes ownership, accountability, and responsibility for themselves, their work, and their lives.

One of the cardinal sins in the hiring process is hiring out of necessity. In doing this you ignore all the important steps you should take to find the right person. Business owners are extremely busy all the time so sometimes they need help immediately but that urgency can allow you to step over red flags, which might hurt your business in the long run.

The Right Seat

Before you start the interview process, outline the responsibilities, accountability, and tasks for the position you are filling. This will help you narrow down candidates based on their qualifications. The best way to do this is to create a positional agreement, which includes indicators of effectiveness for each task and responsibility.

Whoever you bring on to your team wants to know what is expected of them how they can win in their role. It is the responsibility of the business owner to explain it to them in order to guarantee the best results.

A tactic that is extremely beneficial is using a profiling assessment test on potential candidates. These tests allow you to know the predominate motivators and speak to what matters to them most. When someone is miscast in a role they are not suited for. It’s extremely difficult for them to produce results and to be happy.

One of the most common mistakes a business leader can make is looking to pay the employee below market value, which attracts the wrong people. The second most common mistake is hiring because of chemistry. A cultural fit is very important, but the person must have the talent as well. Hiring someone just because you like them on a personal level will not get you the results you want.

In conclusion, be clear on the functions the new hire will be accountable for, provide them with a positional agreement outlining their responsibilities, and make sure you have clearly spelled out indicators for effectiveness, then profile them for a good fit.

The Right Things

If you followed the hiring process outlines above, then you have the right people in the right seat. They are competent and can deliver on their expected responsibilities but that doesn’t mean that they are done learning. The employee and their role is going to constantly be evolving, it is your responsibility to continually train and develop your team to make sure they have the ongoing training they need to win in their role.

In addition to making sure people are competent for the role they’re in, that they have the proper training and wired for the role, are a cultural fit, we must also make sure that they are happy because their happiness is contagious to their colleagues, making your environment a pleasant one where people work as a team.

The Right Time

Making sure your employees are doing the right things, happily at the right time can be somewhat of a challenge. Preventing distractions and missed opportunities is the key to making sure that your employees stay on track.

A quote from The Human Performance Institute addresses the result of the ever growing demands on our time and energy, “in a world where we are expected to perform 24/7, the pressure is not only daunting, it can be debilitating. As such, when demand persistently exceeds capacity, negative consequences are inevitable to business, body, and home-life alike.”

One practice that is proven to help engagement and productivity is to walk around for one to two minutes every 30 minutes. Movement causes improved cognition, creativity, and problem solving.

When it comes to our team doing the right things at the right time happily, the concepts if a default calendar, productivity tools, delegating wisely, great systems, human energy management and movement are resources that once again give your company the competitive advantage over other companies out in the market place that are not focused on or utilizing these performance ideas.

The Right Reason

It has been said that leadership is the most needed attribute in our world today. Done well it attracts talent and multiplies it. Done poorly, mediocrity reigns. The following are four of the top reasons people follow a leader and engage at the highest level in an organization: trust, compassion, stability, and hope.

Nearly all problems in business today are people related. The bottom line is still that talent wins and there is a lot you as a business leader can do about it. To get the equation right you need to take the talent game seriously, it must be a top priority.

…then you win!


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