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The Golden Rule

“The golden rule is not about keeping rules; it’s about giving gold.”

Imagine a work environment with a culture based on this simple statement. Don’t keep rules. Give gold. What could that do for your business? What could that do for businesses everywhere? Truth be told, it’s something that we as business owners need to start living by. There are so many talented recent grads out there who are hungry for a challenge and ready to work, but they don’t want to do it in a place where they feel like just another small part of a massive machine. They want to do it in a place where they feel they are making a difference and bettering themselves. Maybe they have the right idea. Would people who are already in the workforce perform at greater productivity levels if they felt that their time was valued and input appreciated? I think so.

Can you remember learning how to ride a bike for the first time? Were you yelled at every time you fell? Chances are that if you can successfully ride a bike today, the person who taught you offered words of encouragement along the way, not negativity. If you were scolded every time you fell, you likely would have lost any drive you had to learn and given up. The same is true in business. People thrive on human connection in and out of the workplace. It’s important to correct mistakes, but acknowledging and celebrating things done right can go much further. Those who work for you will want to do better for the business and will not be so hesitant to ask you questions – something that can help prevent mistakes from even happening in the first place.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What would you want your supervisor to treat you like? If you were in your employees’ shoes, what would send you home happy at the end of the day and make you eager to return to work the next day? Your employees are so much more than people who work for you. Treat them as such. They are individuals with their own dreams and goals. Help them achieve those goals. Offer words of encouragement, a pat on the back, or ask them about their weekend. Celebrate not only work accomplishments, but personal ones as well. Plan company outings and get to know them. They’ll feel a greater sense of loyalty to you and your business. I guarantee you’ll find that productivity will rise sharply as a result.

What this all boils down to is that good, loyal employees are worth their weight in gold. Be sure to give some of that back to them.

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Benjamin Hubbert, President of Champion AC, is a former USAF Combat Controller (12 years, 4 Tours), who has now committed to helping San Antonio reduce our community’s demands on the energy grid. Ben brings an innovative perspective to marketing and customer service. He ensures that Champion AC is a household name, educating the public with…