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Go for it!

At NSPR, we continually have the urge to do even more for our clients. Weekly I personally read articles, attend workshops and continue my knowledge in the field of communications so I can further provide the best and latest approaches to spreading awareness for great organizations.

When it comes to PR and Marketing, you want a team that is staying on-top of learning in the industry!

Just yesterday I received my acceptance letter from the University of Florida for their Masters in Mass Communications program with an emphasis in Global Strategic Communications. Now it’s time to have an even deeper understanding of the mixing pot we call the United States and further expand ever-changing approaches to speaking with many different demographics.

What I also find exciting is that what I practice during my graduate studies, I will be able to apply in real-time for my clients. This is thrilling!!

So, my PR tip this week is to Go for it!

3 Quick PR Tips:

1. Never stop learning. You may have been in your field for a long time and are an expert. But that’s no reason to stop learning. Things are constantly changing in terms of technology, communications and even the demographics of our country. Go for it: Find a workshop or continuing education event and register!

2. Take a team approach. Ask your team to weekly discuss new articles or information about your industry. Is there a new study? Trend? Go for it: Talk about it as a team and get excited!

3. Aim for implementation. Now that you are learning a few new things, try implementing them! Perhaps you learned about how to communicate to a certain demographic, or what characteristics your current target demographic has, or even a new tip about social media. Go for it: Implement even a small change to reflect new information.

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Jennifer’s background is in national public relations campaigns where she oversees every aspect of PR strategy utilizing her 10+ years of senior experience. She’s worked for various national public relations clientele through every facet of PR. She has experience with writing a regular column for a newspaper, producing a health television segment, serving as a…