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Getting from Here to There

Is your business where you want it to be? Is your career everything you had hoped for? Are you waking up excited and invigorated every day? Today’s economy is challenging – financial market are unpredictable, customers are afraid to spend, employees can be worried about their jobs and security. It can feel sometimes like you are taking two steps forward and five steps back!

If your business – or your career – is in a rut, it’s time to shift the dynamic. In some cases all you can see is the “stuck-ness”. It’s hard to see that there is another way out and you have the power to find it. Whether as an individual, in a team or for your business, these five steps from the S.H.I.F.T. ™ Model can put you on the road to where you want to be:


Start by specifying what success looks like to you.

Be as clear as you can, and include both quantitative and qualitative goals. You might want to increase revenue by 10%, for example, but you might also want to have a team-oriented and collaborative culture. Outline the goals and then drill down so someone who does not understand your business would know where you are going.

Highlight the obstacles and categorize them; the real world enters in as you travel your path to success.

There are things in your way that need to be removed, overcome, or ignored. List your obstacles – what’s in your way, or what could get in your way? Make a long list, and then categorize the obstacles: (a) What you can control, (ii) What you can influence, and (c) What is out of your control. It’s important to categorize, so you can focus on those things that are in your control and under your influence. For the time being ignore the things you can’t control – don’t waste energy on these.

Identify the human factor.

There are both internal and external human factors. Internal factors include what’s specific to you as a person. Strengths? Areas for improvement? Opportunities you can outsource, or things that you don’t enjoy? Are you a procrastinator and need to plan? External human factors include the stakeholders in your universe – who has the power or interest to help you or get in your way? Identify the people or groups that need to be involved in your process.

Find your alternatives.

Establish the criteria for decision-making. As you look at your desired outcome, your organized obstacles, and the human factor (both internal and external), what options emerge? This is your opportunity for brainstorming. Too often you might think there is only one way, but in most every case there are multiple options that could work. Look at your options and check them against your criteria. What emerges as your best option?

Lastly, take the disciplined action you need to take.

Break down what you need to do, step by step by step: who, what, when, how and how much will you do at each step. Give yourself timelines, assign responsibilities where they belong. This is where you get granular. Know each day, each week, each month what you need to do and who will do it. Scope out possible costs so you have no surprises along the way!

You can get to a different place, but not by hoping and dreaming. If you are not where you want to be, consider taking these five steps and applying them to something that matters to you – your career or your business. Get on the path today to where you really want to go.

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About Beverly D Flaxington

Beverly D. Flaxington, the Human Behavior Coach ™ is a two-time bestselling and Gold-award winning author, is an international speaker, an accomplished consultant, hypnotherapist, personal and career coach, bestselling author, college professor, corporate trainer, facilitator, behavioral expert, entrepreneur and business development expert. Beverly’s knowledge of human behavior and the most effective ways to make change…