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How to get the most from your PR / Marketing firm

So you have a PR / Marketing firm and you want them to provide the most results for your investment. Good firms will also want this too! That’s why we’ve uncovered how you can help them achieve the most lucrative results for your business.

1. Create a PR / Marketing time slot – keep up with what your firm is working on. We know you’re busy, but having a time slot for yourself ensures approvals in a timely manner; otherwise you could be wasting your time and money. We want you to be growing your business. Set aside even 5-15 minutes of PR and Marketing review in your day and you will be surprised as to the outcome that your firm can accomplish with your help.

2. Keep on track with regular meetings – we all know how endless meetings can be unproductive. However, consider holding shorter bi-weekly meetings to get everyone on the same page and keep your firm working hard for you. There’s nothing like communicating results regularly and meetings are a great platform for just that. Plus it keeps your firm accountable for continuous progress.

3. Tell them everything – talk to your firm about the good, the bad and the ugly. Make sure they understand if sales are dipping or conversely if revenue is growing. It is important to them to be able to measure results, plan accordingly, make reactive changes to your strategy and stay in the loop of the overall view of your organization.

We hope these tips help you whether you’re working with NSPR or another firm. Most of all, we like to hear of businesses doing well with PR and Marketing at the helm!

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About Jennifer Vickery

Jennifer’s background is in national public relations campaigns where she oversees every aspect of PR strategy utilizing her 10+ years of senior experience. She’s worked for various national public relations clientele through every facet of PR. She has experience with writing a regular column for a newspaper, producing a health television segment, serving as a…