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The Gen-Y Advantage: How Millennials think differently than previous generations

Millennials differ from previous generations, their way of thinking included. Millennials are believed to be entitled, disloyal and lazy. However, this is a misunderstanding. Gen-Ys are often misunderstood as entitled because they push new boundaries to feed their desire for new experiences. They need to constantly be challenged, and if it’s not provided, they go looking for it.

Millennials are also the most optimistic generation, valuing making a positive difference in the world as more important than professional recognition. They want to change the world, and believe it is possible. Managers often fail to realize the impact Millennials want to make and sometimes view that drive as a sense of entitlement.

One distinct way Millennials think differently is that they are not willing to compromise their values for their career. Over 80% of Millennials have donated money, goods or services and 61% of millennials are worried about the future of the world. Gen-Y wants to work for companies who share their same values, often they are even willing to compromise pay and benefits in order to feel like they are making a difference.

Millennials are coming out of school in serious debt. The average Millennial has over $45,000 in debt. When they come out of school, they are hungry for a challenge and want to move up in their job quickly. They will do what ever they can to get promoted at work because that is what they need. This drive was forced upon them because of the lack of jobs available during the recession.

The Millennial way of thinking can be used to an advantage for companies. Companies will be gaining valuable employees who want to make an impact on the world, and want to be challenged. They are hard working and will do what ever it takes to move up the career ladder as quickly as possible. They are all valuable assets in a company and are our future leaders. Learn the best practices on how to recruit, train and retain your Millennial workforce in order to secure leaders for the next 50 years.

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Joel Goldstein is a world-renowned speaker, best-selling author and leadership consultant. Joel works with companies to develop systems that allow them to recruit, train & retain future leaders. He has spoken at meetings and conferences around the world training top executives communications strategies to effectively work with younger generations. He has been featured as an…