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Four Ways to Enhance your Company Culture

Company culture affects all aspects of a business. When most people think about company culture, they think about programs that will affect the employees of the company. Decision makers try to answer questions such as how can I improve our workplace morale? What can I do to benefit both employees and the company’s bottom line? What is important to the demographics that make up my current and/or future workforce?

A great starting point to answer these questions is an anonymous survey. This would allow a company to gather honest and open feedback. At my company, we regularly ask for and encourage both employee and customer feedback. We have used this feedback to implement the following programs to create our corporate culture which in turn creates and maintains a cohesive work environment.

Promote from within – Offering employees access to a training program that in turn allows them to advance increases both loyalty and retention. This loyalty can also lead to customer loyalty. If a customer is interacting with the same employees, they realized that the company’s turnover is low and the employees are happy with their work environment. By promoting from within, you also gain loyalty and longevity. If your workforce knows that your corporate culture will look inside first before hiring for a position, they will work harder to achieve the skills necessary for advancement.

Offer flexible work schedules – Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and have different needs to allow for a positive work/life balance. We offer employees flexible start and end times as well as opportunities to work from home. Some companies hesitate at offering flexible schedules especially a work from home option due to the misconception that employees would be less productive. We have not seen any impact to employee productivity due to working remotely. To ensure that this endeavor is successful, it is important to clearly document the process, availability and eligibility for participation.

Set a relaxed dress code – Gone are the days where all companies required employees to wear a suit and tie for men and dress business attire for women. With the exception of a few industries, (banking, finance, real estate), you would be hard pressed to find that attire in an office on a regular basis. A relaxed dress code allows employees to feel more comfortable and at ease when working. An additional benefit to employees is a cost savings with regard to clothing purchases and dry cleaning bills. Again, it is important that the code is clearly defined, documented and enforced.

Provide snacks and refreshments – By offering free drinks and snacks, both the employee and the company win. Health conscious drinks and snacks save the employee money and help to increase employee overall health which can reduce corporate health costs.

A company needs to get to the root of what would make their employees happy, which in turn will make your customers happy. Happy employees equal a happy customer which in turn increases the bottom line and makes for happy executives and shareholders.

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With more than two decades of operational and management experience, Michelle Benjamin has developed a talent management process to save businesses up to 35% off their labor budgets. Her system integrates talent, technology, and processes to convert businesses with bloated labor inefficiencies to companies that are sleeker, results-driven, strategically focused organization. As an entrepreneur who…