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The Five Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

No matter where in the country I may be speaking or consulting at any given time, I am always asked by someone in the audience, “What are the books that every successful entrepreneur has to read?” Although, I have a list of five books that I consistently recommend, I want to make sure that everyone walks away with the understanding that to be a successful entrepreneur you can never stop learning and that you should always be reading a powerful and practical entrepreneurial book while receiving some kind of mentorship. In the world of entrepreneurship it’s better to be a pirate than a pioneer, and you and I won’t live long enough to learn everything from scratch. That’s why studying successful people, finding out how they made it to the top and implementing their methods and best-practices into our businesses is a never ending process.

Read these five books, apply the principles found within in them and don’t EVER stop studying successful people for as long as you care about thriving and not just surviving.

Think and Grow Rich written by Napoleon Hill – This book is the number one self-help book of all time. If you read it and implement the action steps in it, you will become rich. This book will teach you specifically how to discover and define your goals, how to build a network of people that can help you achieve those goals, how to connect with people of influence and how to achieve more by exceeding the expectations of everyone that you come in contact with every day.

How To Win Friends and Influence People written by Dale Carnegie – If you can’t win friends and influence people, you are going to spend your life living in your Mom’s basement playing video games with a bunch of unemployed bloggers. Read this book, implement the principles found in the book, and watch your life improve.
The E-Myth by Michael Gerber – Every entrepreneur must have two fundamental skills. They must have the skill of solving problems by creating products and services that people are willing to pay for and the skill of building duplicable and scalable business systems. Read this book. Apply its principles and watch the magic happen as you begin to build business systems and processes.

Winning by Jack Welch – Unless you have found an innovative way to make products and services for aliens with the help of an all alien workforce, you are going to have to manage humans if you own a business. Managing humans can often prove to be the hardest thing most entrepreneurs do. In this management masterpiece, Jack Welch teaches you how he managed thousands and thousands of people successfully during his tenure, as one of America’s most successful CEO’s of all-time while leading General Electric.

Wheel of Wealth by Clay Clark – Do you mean that I am really going to recommend my own book here? Yes. I wrote Wheel of Wealth to answer many of the practical questions that entrepreneurs throughout the country ask me on a daily basis. Top entrepreneurs usually don’t reinvent the wheel, they just improve upon it. This book teaches you the basic fundamentals found within that success wheel so you can begin improving upon a success foundation as well.

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