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Executive Video Interviews

A well-produced and high-quality Executive Interview video, integrated on a company website or in specific presentations, allows for a company to communicate directly with its clients, investors, partners, employees and media personnel. Executives may want to personally articulate their message and mission while at the same time presenting a profile of their company and overview of their management team. They may also take viewers on a journey through the past, present and future of their business in a way that captures their own personal connection and passion about it. Interviews may include visual data such as growth analytics and industry overview, integrated together in a compelling video story format.

Pre-production work would include research into company background, it’s marketing efforts and several pre-interviews with the Executive to aid in the development of rich and engaging content. Multimedia such as illustrations, charts, graphs, production facility footage, still photographs of staff may be considered for inclusion to make the video more dynamic.

Ideally, a video production company will shoot several interviews over a one or two day shooting period on location at the client’s facility. It’s beneficial to have a stylist or makeup artists on the production team to select appropriate executive attire, address personal grooming needs and coordinate the background environment properly to appear well on camera. Lighting and environmental factors can be key elements in setting the correct mood for the interview.

Every business has its own unique culture. Capturing an inside look at the daily rhythm and diversity of the company in the video is one of the main goals. The physical appearance, voice, tone and environment in which the Executive is placed will, in effect, collectively speak to the audience, shape their perceptions and they will feel as though they have made a human connection.

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