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How to Create a Culture of Cool in Your Workplace

Today, approximately 36% of the U.S. workforce are Millennials. By 2025, they will account for 75% of the global workplace. Millennials care about their work environment more than any previous generation as they place the most value on their free time and lifestyle outside of work. Creating a culture of cool will help recruit and retain talented Millennials to your company.

To help you create a Culture of Cool, I’ve provided you with 4 of the essentials elements that you must employ in your company to recruit and retain those talented Millennial workers.

1. Establish Team Goals

As a team you should establish goals that you want to accomplish for the work place. Allow everyone to brainstorm ways to make the company better and come up with a set of core values to establish together. Doing so allows each team member to feel like part of the company and creates relationships. This will create a sense of accountability for everyone to follow the team goals and core values. Establishing team goals allow everyone to be a part of the process making it easier to reach team goals and inspire success.

2. Create Fun in the Office

Encourage your staff to express their personalities throughout their environment. Allow them to express their creativity in their personal workspace, break rooms and meeting areas. This will foster creativity and bring the team together. Have an area specifically for fun with videos games, ping pong or a pool table for employees to let loose for a moment. This creates a more relaxed environment where employees can feel comfortable and let go of work related stress. These “fun zones” have statistically been proven to lower workplace stress, retain workers longer due to lack of workplace drama and broaden overall workplace communication increasing innovation.

3. Plan Team Activities

Going on adventures outside of work allow for the team to get to know each other on a more personal level. It can be difficult to really get to know someone at work as it is a more professional environment. These outings can be once a month, or once a quarter. They can be as simple as joining a softball league or venturing to a happy hour. These activities should be viewed as fun, and not something that everyone has to participate in. Team activities help to foster relationships that may retain workers whom you may have otherwise lost.

4. Give Back as a Team

Getting involved in the community as a team is a great way to strengthen relationships and connections. It also helps to create relationships with local businesses, promoting your company as a socially-conscious organization. Millennials care about the world, and as the population of Gen-Y increases more Millennials will be looking to work for companies that share their values. This will be an attracting factor to bring in Millennials and retain them.

Creating a culture of cool in the work place will help to improve the daily work environment. Allow your employees to be a part of a culture where they believe in what they’re doing. This will help inspire them to do their best, make them feel like they are part of an important cause and make them feel like they are making an impact on the world.

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