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CPA’S gaining trust and winning referral business with website video communications

Accountants use professional B2B web videos for building new client relationships.

If your business thinks that online video marketing is not the now, but the future…think again. Traditional industries like accounting and law firms, that have long term beliefs that building relationships are only driven by face-to-face relationships, are starting to use professional web video production services as a tactic for building relationships with new clients.

“We have noticed that more and more people, even though they may be referred, go to the Internet to look for information.” Proclaims Amedeo Luongo, Sr. Partner at CPA firm Mendonca Partners LLP in New Jersey. With hyper-connected consumers in a hyper-competitive marketplace, it is essential that accounting firms quickly build trust and make personal connections in order to win over referrals. One of THE best ways accounting firms can ensure a high referral conversion rate is by putting in place a sound professional digital video content production and along with an online video marketing strategy.

While videos can’t replace face-to-face interactions, it can help to build trust even before those all-important first meetings with potential clients. Berdon LLP, a CPA firm in New York City, reason for creating thought leadership business online videos was based on an ever increasing number of clients doing more research way before reaching out to them. “People assume that with a firm of our size, we have the brainpower. But [our clients] need the confidence of seeing the people that are actually doing the work. By using video we are establishing rapport even before they meet with us.” States Jim Termniello, marketing manager at Berdon LLP.

Even though you’ve heard all of this, you’re still not convinced because your company has always driven sales with traditional face-to-face interactions meetings to build and cultivate relationships. While these relationships are critical late in the sales process, a planned flow of ongoing B2B professional website video content will help your accounting firm get more face-to-face sales opportunities.

Your next client is watching business video to make decisions

Consumer behaviour is leading they way as we have quickly become a nation of watchers, not readers. ComScore reports that 75 million viewers watch online video per day (YES, that is PER DAY) and 40 billion videos are streamed per month (YES, that is a Billion), and these numbers are, according to Forrester Research, going to increase over the next few years. So for accounting firms looking to grow their business, adding website video content will be to responding to the behavior of watching more and more website B2B sales video production company marketing content.

Both Berdon, LLP and Mendonca Partners LLP are offering more valuable first interactions because they are making it easy for their customers to do their research, during off hours and via their mobile devices. (NOTE: Ooyala’s Q4 Video Index reported that time spent watching video on tablets and mobile devices is up an astounding 719% since Q4 of 2011…check out your website on mobile and then watch a video…which one is better optimized?). The net benefit, new clients are able to get enough information and build up a comfort level with the company the need in order to make that all-important phone call to set up an appointment.

Luongo seconds Beredon’s rationale, “Video is a very interactive and very easy medium to use. Today’s busy executives do not have time to go and read through pages and pages of script and if you have a video that gets right to the point and is interesting enough for people to watch it will have a greater effect.”

Your next clients are busy people. Video can give them feel for your company’s personality and how you can solve their problem. Why not make it easy for them to get to know your company better and show them that you’re the right choice? This is why Terminello adds that website corporate video production “is a permanent and long term component of our marketing efforts.”

Typical business objectives that you can receive from B2C and B2B sales videos are – better SERP, increase time on website, improved conversion rates and leads, social sharing and engagement, increased trust and rapport that leads to winning new business. People greatly prefer watching video over reading text because of its ability to engage and inform in a short amount of time.

There is no better time than today to convert that next referral checking you out on your website…they are probably on your site right now!


No matter what industry you are in, people watch website business video daily to make decisions across every stage of the sales cycle.

No doubt you’ve heard that online video content improves search results. Or how it increases conversion rates as it encourages your audience to spend more time on your website, engages customers and builds trust to drive more inbound leads. You may have even heard of how effective it is to help consumers get to know you and your company better.

Sales videos educate and build trust in the relationship

Jennifer Walzer, President of BUMI, a data back-up and recovery company in New York City, notes that using video to answer questions a prospect has as they go through the buying process is a key component to winning new sales. “There is an opportunity to create a lot of videos, especially when we think about the questions that our prospects might ask us.” BUMI’s professional web video productions build relationships early on because it highlights the technical people that are actually doing the work. BUMI engages their customers by showing how knowledgeable they are by using their staff to address prospect’s pressing concerns, building trust, credibility and value.

Because buyers are more educated than ever before, adding professional business videos to your website for top of the funnel lead conversion will actually give your company more face-to-face interactions because buyers will be more comfortable with the people that are doing the work at your company.

Walzer feels that “video can allow a company to explain themselves so the prospect gets the message sooner, which will hopefully lead to a sooner sale. The more that we can help educate and help answers in advance, the easier it will be when we have that real conversation with our prospect. And the idea is that once they have all the information they need, they’ll have no doubt in their mind that BUMI is the service they need.”

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