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Questions with Substance: Communicating with Consistency

Being the owner of two businesses, especially two that complement each other, has its perks. In any business, communicating with consistency is important. One business, LeadHub, is focused on search engine optimization, Internet marketing and social media, while the other, Champion AC, is an HVAC company. My passion for the Internet marketing and the communication channels it allows has taught me an invaluable amount of information about communicating through online platforms, whether it is in the coding and development of content or the front-facing public promotion of that content. Any way you look at it, in any type of company, you must communicate with consistency.

The following tips will focus on consistency of communication through Internet marketing, with some examples of how we’ve used it in our business:

1. Pull back the curtain and let the personal brand shine through. The brand of your company should encompass the personalities of the people who are a part of our company. After all, if you’re hiring consistently with the core values of your company, a piece of your brand should be displayed in each of your employees. So, show your employees in their element. If you have technicians on your staff, show them on their installs or with a happy customer (of course, the customer should approve to be posted online first). Post about in-office brainstorm sessions, lunch-and-learns, birthdays and celebrations. Take pictures or videos around the office of what goes on in a typical workday. You don’t have to show folks sitting at a desk doing research, but hey, if that’s when they’re in their element, show it – and post their favorite music to listen to along with it! Have fun with your social media. It should be consistent with your company – and regardless what business you are in, your people are your business, so pull back that figurative curtain and display the consistency of your brand in the people you have chosen to hire.

2. Utilize all methods of social media equally. If you have multiple social media platforms, use them. Don’t only post on Facebook and neglect Twitter and Instagram (or any combination of those or other social outlets). You have audiences in each of these spaces. You’re showing inconsistency if you’re not communicating on all fronts. You’ll need to post in slightly different social languages – things are more conversational on Twitter and you only have 140 characters to create a message. Instagram is known for being hashtag-heavy – it’s mostly the pictures that matter. Facebook is a show-me source – where you can be however brief or in-depth (don’t get long-winded though) that you’d like to be. Whatever platforms you choose, use them equally.

3. Your storefront should look like your website should look like your social networks. No matter where your customer is, whether in person, on your website or perusing your Twitter feed, they should know they are with you. Your brand should remain consistent in every place you are represented. Oreo does a great job at this – using similar color, theme, logos, verbiage and even humor – in each place they are represented, from store shelves to print ads to Insta posts. Choose the way you aspire to make your customer feel, then create that feeling in every touch point you have with your customer. Make them feel at home in your home, in the virtual world or reality.
Consistency ensures that people aren’t left guessing. They experience your brand, and then they are drawn into it because they know what to expect. Keep delivering consistency consistently.

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About Ben Hubbert

Benjamin Hubbert, President of Champion AC, is a former USAF Combat Controller (12 years, 4 Tours), who has now committed to helping San Antonio reduce our community’s demands on the energy grid. Ben brings an innovative perspective to marketing and customer service. He ensures that Champion AC is a household name, educating the public with…