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During Teana’s first pregnancy she lied in bed thinking about creative ways that would allow her to stay home with the baby while making money at the same time. At the time she was working in the corporate world as a Business Analyst and completely unhappy with every aspect of the job. Having a child creates a level of clarity and puts your mind in a place of nurturing and securing their future. Teana’s BIG IDEA was starting a personal shopping business. She loved to shop, she was great at it and she’d be spending other people’s money- what a great idea, right?

The reality of this was that this would be a part time gig while working her full time job. It was impossible for Teana to think that while she was 6 months pregnant she would launch this business and instantly be rolling the in dough (in the back of her mind she did think that). Now that she had this idea Teana had to determine the next steps. Business cards, website, business entity, and all that jazz. Teana was completely overwhelmed, wasted a ton of money and made all of the wrong moves right from the beginning. This is where Teana would like to talk to you and save you time and money before launching your big idea.

Find An Entrepreneur
We all have someone that’s in our immediate circle that has experience as an entrepreneur. She highly recommends setting up a meeting, explaining your BIG IDEA and discussing the steps to launch it and get it off the ground. They will save you a ton of time and money.

Don’t Resist Research
You will feel like you’re back in college again and yes it stinks. But remember you are finally working towards something that you’re passionate about. All of the effort and hard work will pay off as long as you keep discussing your thoughts and ideas with your mentor. Give Teana a call she’d love to hear your ideas!

Why Is Your BIG IDEA The Best?
Teana is guilty of this. Entrepreneurs always think that their idea will be the best and everyone will buy it, use it and tell others about it. Wrong! Honestly, no will care unless you have a solid reason why they should care. For example, if you’re a matchmaker why should someone go to you verses signing up for online dating? If you are developing a hair accessory line, why is your line so unique? Why should your clients by from you vs. Target or Wal-Mart? Answer this question during the process and it will be much easier to get your business off of the ground.

Teana has successfully launched 3 businesses and successful closed 2 out of those 3. Do she consider that a failure? Not at all. She recognizes where she failed to research, execute and establish a solid foundation. Teana was born to be a Social Media and Public Relations professional. During the journey of her BIG IDEAS it finally became clear.

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About Teana McDonald

Teana is running a successful social media and public relations company, working with million dollar clients and creating the life she’s always wanted. She has transformed her mindset and embraced her inner serial entrepreneur, creating a brand that represents the many varied aspects of her life. Teana’s educational background includes a Bachelors Degree in Marketing…