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Best Promotional Products for Trade Shows

Promotional products are one of the best ways to attract visitors to your trade show booth. Choosing the right promotional products that match your brand’s message and are useful to your customers will be worth your investment and bring you a high return on your investment. Studies have shown that branded giveaways really do work to help improve sentiment towards your company and help recipients remember to buy from you. The key is finding the right promotional products to giveaway at trade shows that will not only make it home with attendees, but will be kept for a long time. The most effective promotional products are kept for upwards of 3 or 4 years. Here are some of the top promotional products for trade shows that you can make your own with your own branding, name, logo, colors, and messaging.


  1. Pens: Promotional pens might seem ordinary, but they are popular and have stood the test of time for a reason. They are useful and are kept by recipients. They are used daily and a constant reminder of your brand.
  2. Mugs: Mugs and other drink ware are also popular branded gifts. Mugs can be an even bigger draw if you are offering them filled with coffee or tea.
  3. Bags: Re-usable, branded bags are great free offerings at trade shows. Most attendees need to carry all of the catalogs, papers, and things they collect. There are also special conference bags that are made just for organizing and carrying things at trade shows and conferences. They keep your business cards handy; organize your catalogs and important documents, order receipts, drinks, snacks, and more.
  4. Umbrellas: Promotional umbrellas are still one of the most popular gifts from companies. Recipients will remember your company kept them dry and safe on a rainy day.
  5. Key Rings: Easy to keep because they are small. You can make them more useful to your customers by choosing ones that they can put their own picture in, or have another function, such as a bottle opener or a light.
  6. USB Sticks: USB sticks, also called memory sticks or thumb drives always rank high in surveys about what type of promotional products consumers would like to receive.
  7. Electronic Accessories: Other electronic accessories such as smartphone or table cases and chargers are also highly sought after promotional products.
  8. Badge Holders: Trade shows, conferences and expos almost all have name tags or name badges. Badge holders or lanyard clips are great promotional products to get your name and booth number out there for everyone at the convention to see.
  9. Conference Folders: These branded gifts are always appreciated at conferences. They are useful and help attendees look professional and stay organized while doing it.
  10. Eco-Friendly Promotional Products: This is a big category for companies and for promotional products. If you are looking for giveaways that match your brand’s message about conservation, these products represent your brand and Mother Earth very well.


Trade show attendees can definitely learn to expect free gifts and promotional products at trade shows, conferences, and expos. You can use them to attract visitors to your booth, the key is finding ones that send the right message about your brand and are relevant enough for the recipient to link the two together. The promotional products should also be useful so that your customer or client keeps the gift and uses it, causing multiple impressions and even an increased reach.


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