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The Beginners’ Guide to Quora for Business

Quora is a great platform for engaging in discussions, learning from others and pooling collective information wealth. Though Quora’s success can be attributed in part to it managing to avoid becoming a marketing platform, there are several ways you can use it to grow your brand. Check out our list to see how you can use it for your business!

1. Brand Yourself. Quora is a great platform to show the world that you know what you’re talking about. And what better way to do it than by answering questions related to the kind of problems you solve every day? Whether you’re a young tech entrepreneur or a seasoned startup veteran, people are asking questions on Quora that you know the answer to. It’s your chance to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

2. Connect your product with those who are looking for exactly what you offer.
When I first began using Quora, I discovered that there are dozens of people inquiring on the platform about apps that enable cross-posting and scheduling to multiple social media accounts. These are people who were specifically looking for something like what my business, Everypost, does, and all I had to do was deliver them the information that such an app was out there. Be wary of appearing spammy, and don’t try to pretend you’re not promoting your own product.

When I answer this type of question on Quora, I always lead with “My team and I designed Everypost in response to this same challenge…” It acknowledges that I’m promoting my own product without seeming too self-aggrandizing.

3. Take advantage of what others have already figured out. Is there a question you have been trying to answer yourself, but no number of Google searches, research or conversations seems to yield the answer you’re looking for? Post your query in the Quora-sphere. Before launching Everypost’s Twitter ads campaign last month, I asked for advice on how small businesses can best use Twitter’s ads platform to their advantage. We received some very helpful advice from the Quora community that shaped the campaign we eventually launched.

4. Use it like a more human Google. Before posting a question yourself, check to see if others have already posted something along the same lines. You’ll save yourself time and energy, because if it’s already been posted, chances are it’s also already been answered.

5. Grow your network. Peruse questions related to your industry and follow the discussions surrounding common problems and challenges. When someone posts a particularly interesting answer that resonates with you, follow him or her or even send a direct message responding to their comment. Quora is designed to be a forum for intelligent discussions, so take advantage of that and engage with like-minded individuals.

If you approach Quora with the attitude that it’s for learning and teaching, you’ll find it can be both interesting and beneficial. A word to the wise, however: Quora is a forum for sharing ideas, learning from others’ insights and solving common problems. Direct marketing or self-promotion is poorly received. Focus on adding value to the different communities and you will grow your personal brand, and by affiliation that of your company. But if you try to use it as an advertising platform you will ultimately do yourself and your business more harm than good.

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About Fernando Cuscuela

Fernando Cuscuela is an experienced entrepreneur who likes nothing better than to start new businesses and make them profitable. He founded a successful Digital Media Agency, Clickbunker, and most recently he started Everypost, where he now focuses most of his attention.