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We publish bylined content from Founders, Coaches, Authors, and Industry Pros.

Contributed content needs to be original and not published elsewhere online.

How Featured Contributors benefit:

  • Gain great exposure for your products and services to Startups, the SMB sector, and Corporations.
  • Extend your content marketing efforts.
  • Increase your visibility as an expert in your niche.
  • Ability to gain exposure for your clients in articles you submit.
  • Additional exposure from our twitter account @BusinessTips.

What Featured Contributors are saying:

“As a featured contributor, has provided tremendous exposure and reinforced my position as an authority in the field of digital marketing.”

– Ilan Nass,

“BusinessTips is a great venue to share my expertise to the business community. It has facilitated focus on key professional areas to keep my skill sharp while helping others.”

– Michael Clapperton, CIO of George Little Management

“ has given me a great platform to assist small business owners with promoting, branding and building their companies. It has very much become a community for experts to share their expertise with each other and create a win-win for both contributors and readers.”

– Richard Lorenzen, CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands

“Many small business owners may not appreciate the importance of protecting their personal assets from their business operations. Part of The Company Corporation’s mission is to educate entrepreneurs with guidance on incorporating their businesses. We find that provides an excellent vehicle to relay practical advice to small business owners.”

– EJ Dealy, CEO of The Company Corporation.


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