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Ana Weber-Haber’s Ten Tips for Career and Money Success

1. If Life Gives You Lemons—Plant a Lemon Orchard! In any crisis, find the seeds of opportunity, and think big enough to make it happen. Don’t just make lemonade from your sour lemons or bad breaks. Think bigger, and use them to create business and career success. What crisis can you turn into opportunity?

2. Turn Enemies into Friends. How many people see their IRS auditor socially, after the audit is over? How many people visit the ex-boss who terrorized the entire office? Ana has done both. Winning over the terrible boss happened on her very first job, when she was just 17, and all her co-workers assumed she would be just the latest in a long line of casualties—but people were so impressed that she could work with this boss that she got hired away within weeks to a much better job—even as she helped the older woman achieve a “personality transplant.” Who can you win over to your side?

3. Always Do More than Other People Expect. Be friendly, be helpful, greet the world with a smile, and find a way to say yes—as often as possible. Do what you say you will—and then go beyond. And doors will open for you, with amazing results. Where can you deliver more than you promised?

4. Accept Good Turns When People Offer Them. The way prayers get answered is through the intervention of other people. One of Ana’s early bosses discovered that she and her family were sleeping on the floor; he lent her his credit card and ordered her to go buy some furniture. And then he added much more interesting responsibilities to her job description. Who is trying to help you, and how can you accept the help?

5. Live Your Principles. Stick to your values and do the right thing. Ana’s principles include integrity, positivity, productivity, and charity. By modeling these values, she constantly motivates others to live by them as well—even to the point of loving Mondays. How can your principles guide you to success?

6. Live Your Passions. Make space in your life for the things that make life worth living. For Ana, it’s a long list that includes travel, cooking, and organizing charity events. What passions ignite the joy for you?

7. Turn Challenge into Adventure! Ana started over in a new country as a penniless immigrant where she was not fluent in the language—not once, but twice. She lost her brand new home and a restaurant she’d been about to open in the Northridge earthquake—yet she didn’t get discouraged. Ana learned whole new industries—from international banking to decorative arts and even to aerospace—at least a dozen times. Her love of learning turned every new industry to learn into an adventure. How can challenge lead to success in your life?

8. Motivate Others to Help You. There’s an infallible combination to build a motivated team: treat every person with respect and love that brings out their best, and do the best possible job yourself. Ana’s combination of compassion and competence won her friends and admiration from the lowest level line employees up to the CEO suite. Her teams loved being truly valued, and the results she achieved cemented their loyalty. How much more effective can your team be with this kind of attitude?

9. Make Friends with Both Time and Money. Time and money are not your slaves, and not your boss. Build positive relationships of equals and friends with tine and money, and they will integrate fully into your life—propelling you to success. How can you work with time and money as equal partners in your success?

10. Set Specific Goals. Use the worksheets in Ana’s book to write down what you want to accomplish in every area in your life. Set goals, and then figure out your priorities and timelines. Ana will guide you through this process. How can you identify your most important goals and start accomplishing them?

To order your copy of The Money Flow through your favorite online bookseller, or to get an autographed and personalized copy directly from Ana (and to get several extra bonuses during the launch), please visit

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About Ana Weber

About Ana Weber…Business "Rainmaker," Writer, Speaker, 360 Degree Personal/Professional Coach/Relationship Expert, and Philanthropist The consummate "people person," Ana approaches every person and every new experience with joy and love. Her employees love to work with her, and her friends love to be around her. And at every company she has helped to manage, she's helped…