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5 Steps to Maintaining a Successful Company Blog

Today, when you start a business, you are also starting an online presence for your business. With that presence usually comes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and often, a company blog. Though a blog arguably requires the most work out of the social networks your business partakes in, it also can reap the most rewards.

A blog truly is the voice of your business; it gives your otherwise faceless business a tone and personality unique only to itself. A blog is great for showcasing products, answering customer questions, and informing the masses on matters close to your particular industry, thereby labeling your CEO as an industry expert.

So how do you get started on the right foot and maintain a level of consistent success?

Create a consistent voice.

One of the biggest pluses of creating a company blog is the ability to put a personality to a brand. No matter how many writers from your company are contributing to the blog, make sure to agree on one writing “voice.” Are you going to be conversational or professional or a mixture of both?

Another way to keep consistent is to keep your topics within the realm of your industry. Don’t be writing about topics that don’t apply to your audience.

Promote your writing however you can.

Especially in the beginning stages, whenever you post an article you’ve written to any of your social outlets, let your audience know that it’s coming from your blog. Start out your post with, “Today on our blog, we’re talking about…” Once the initial word gets out, be sure to advertise whenever you’ve written an article. You don’t necessarily need to post every article on every outlet, but when you’ve written a really solid piece, don’t be shy about sharing it!

Write quality content.

Before you post anything, ask yourself, “Would I want to read this if I didn’t write it?” If the answer is no- time for a re-write! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your blog to keep things interesting. You don’t always have to post long, informative articles. You can post a couple photos of what’s going on in the office one day, or switch things up with an infographic.

Be responsive to customers.

Another perk to having a company blog is that it’s a great communication tool for customers. If a customer has a question about your business in general, or a specific article, they can simply leave a comment. Try and always respond to these comments, even the negative ones. Be direct and address the issue, never sweep anything under the rug.

Give cross-blogging a go!

Once you have a pretty strong company blog established, try and reach out to similar blogs to see if they’d like to partake in a cross-blogging relationship. Establish how often the two of you would like to trade articles, and get to writing! Not only does it double your exposure, but it gives your blog a new, refreshing voice for your audience to listen to.

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