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5 Mobile File Sync and Share Tips for CEOs on the Go

For the frequent-traveling CEO, it’s important that business doesn’t stop while on the road. But that can be a challenge, especially when working with time critical or sensitive documents. As such, it’s vital to have a file sync and share solution that will make doing business while traveling not only easy and productive,  but secure in all conditions as well.

From signing contracts to editing important presentations and documents, being able to do business securely from a mobile device enables executives to work as efficiently from an airport as in the office. To be sure that your CEO is productive on the road, a file sync and share solution should have the following capabilities:

  1. Airplane Mode Readiness – When it’s time to switch devices to airplane mode, CEOs can lose valuable time in flight that could be used to work on critical documents. Sophisticated file sharing solutions sync multiple devices with the content users need, even when offline. So the latest version of that important presentation or agreement is still available when working in “airplane mode” and automatically synced to all needed devices when back online.
  2. Security for Lost Devices – If a CEO loses his device, it could be devastating for the organization. Vital information could be leaked and critical content  get into the wrong hands. With an advanced secure file sharing solution, lost devices can be remotely wiped or have automatic triggers based on breach attempts. In addition, if the device is found, wiped data can easily be restored.
  3. On Device Editing –With an advanced file sharing solution that supports mobile editing, CEOs don’t have to wait to be back in the office to edit important documents. Documents can be edited right on a mobile device or tablet, without the additional cost or complexity of using additional third party tools.
  4. Automatic Backup – Fast moving CEOs can forget that their documents need to be backed up and protected. Plus, they lack the extra time some solutions take to execute data protection steps. A sophisticated file sync and share solution will automatically protect content as it’s being created, so backup and recovery is never an issue.
  5. Version Control – It can also be costly for CEOs to spend time looking for the latest version of an important document when quick access is needed. Finding when document changes were last made, who made them and where the latest file is can drain hours of productive time away from CEOs. Select a file sharing solution that inherently manages document versions for easy retrieval and restoration, even for deleted files and folders.

Working while on a business trip or at an offsite meeting shouldn’t limit a CEO’s file access or productivity. It also shouldn’t put critical company information at risk. With a sophisticated secure file sharing solution, executives can have all the access they need, when and where it’s needed. Plus, they can be confident knowing that their data is secure, private and protected from the unexpected.

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About Sam Liu

Sam Liu is the vice president of marketing for Soonr with extensive experience in mobile, cloud and enterprise solutions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA.