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3–Ways to show your employees appreciation during this holiday season

The holiday season is very stressful for families, and there is no better occasion to show appreciation for your employees that have helped your company throughout the year. Recognizing your employees’ contributions to your company’s success is one way to mitigate the holiday stress. I am amazed by the number of employers that take their employees for granted. I guess because they tend to justify paying employee salaries as sufficient for appreciation for being a part of their companies. Remember that your employees are a part of your company’s existence and possibly a second family; you see them 30% of the day. In fact some industry, employees and employers spend more than 30% of a 24-hour period with their employees. Helping your employees to feel appreciated during this holiday season does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on them. Here are few simply things that you can do for your employees during this holiday season.

Be Humanistic

Instead of not acknowledging your mistakes, this season admit your mistakes. Let them know that you are human and you do make mistakes such as not thanking them enough for their working for your company. Find two good things that you can openly credit them for doing that contributes to your company success. For example, one can be their friendly customer service. The other you can come up with or you can say “I know that I have not always acknowledged all your efforts, but your contribution is very valuable to our success.” I call this a simple act of employee appreciation.

Make It a Habit

Good leader shows appreciation daily for those that work with them. It is important that you develop the habit of letting employees know that you care. Become a good leader by not taken everyday routine work for granted. Most people enjoy recognition from their leaders. A simple handwritten “thank you” note secretly placed on an employee’s desk goes a long way. Try this everyday with all your hardworking employees and watch a workplace transformation take place. Be careful not to place the note on a nonproductive employee’s desk because others will take note and you will defeat your purpose. In fact it may invalidate everything else that you have done to that point. For the not so productive employees, you can leave an encouragement note such as “I know that you are trying, but I also know that you have the ability to do better,” then draw a happy face by your signature.

Feed Them

There is a lesson that we can learn from new born infants. They respond to the one that feeds them with smiles, love and playfulness. Food is so important that when people eat together they form a special bond. Eating is a universal language. No one, in my opinion, can attest to the universal language of eating a meal with others than the CNN entertainment journalist Anthony Bourdain, “Parts Unknown.” I have watched Mr. Bourdain travel to the remote parts of the world and bond with the natives simply by eating with them. I am unsure about the chemistry that takes place between him and the native, but they seem to think that he appreciates their culture. He has been welcomed where governments have failed. This season you can spend a little money to have an office party for your employees that have worked with you to show your appreciation.

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John O. Alizor, Ph.D., currently runs workshops and seminars on leadership as the founder and president of John Alizor, Ph.D., Leadership Forensics Business Consulting, Inc. He has an extensive background in education administration and business leadership roles including making his first million dollars as the head of a manufacturing company. He is sharing his leadership…