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3 apps to enhance productivity

I recently published an eBook titled, Top 10 Things Your Association Should Measure in Google Analytics. As the title indicates, the eBook outlined 10 specific Google Analytics metrics that every small business should not only measure, but also use to drive informed and strategic business decisions. One of the most important metrics defined in the book is the mobile traffic behavior tool.

According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, worldwide mobile traffic grew 81 percent in 2013, and is only expected to increase in subsequent years. With more Internet users utilizing the convenience of their smartphone and tablets to perform searches, the seamless optimization of your organization’s website is imperative to maximizing your online presence and improving your visitors’ experience.

Just as you have the ability to enhance your visitors’ mobile site experience, saving them both time and frustration, there are also ways in which you can improve your business’s productivity through the use of mobile apps. Here are three apps that can help you and your team organize information and execute successful business strategies.

1. Evernote. Creativity and ideas drive the innovation that small businesses need to stand out from the competition and prosper. The problem is, you never know when or where you will be when that brilliant idea pops into your head. Evernote can help you keep track of these moments by providing you with a platform to record and share your notes with colleagues, and collect information from multiple sources into one common place.

2. Asana. We all have it—a never-ending list of emails that never seems to disappear. Sorting through the monstrous list can be a nightmare, and too often you overlook important trails of information related to the multiple projects to which you contribute. Both a web and mobile application, Asana consolidates all of the conversations and documents related to a specific project in one place. It also helps to organize projects by creating and assigning tasks for you or your team members to execute.

3. Mention. The profound popularity of social media, coupled with the increase in mobile traffic behavior, means that maintaining a strong social marketing strategy is critical to business success. Mention makes the management of this strategy easy. Whether you are replying to a Tweet or sharing an article on Facebook, you can update each of your social media accounts from a single location. In addition to the capability, Mention provides you with the tools you need to monitor industry news and analyze your success across your social platforms.

The three apps outlined above only begin to scratch the surface in regard to the mobile resources that are available to enhance your business productivity. Make sure to explore the different apps that you have at your disposal so that you can find new ways to conveniently connect with both your internal staff and external audience.

DJ Muller is president and founder of WebLink International, a software-as-a-service company that helps member-based organizations and their members acquire and retain more customers. Learn more at

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DJ is President of WebLink International, a position he has held since the company's incorporation in 1996. DJ also served as CEO from 1996 to 2011. DJ conceived and developed the company's first product, Chamber WebLink, which was the first web based product designed specifically for chambers of commerce and associations. Under DJ's direction and…